Monday, 30 December 2013

As One Year Draws To A Close...

May I start by apologising for this very overdue blog post. It has been quite some time since I dedicated some time to blogging! I guess that starts my plans for the New Year...I will blog more!
Before I decide what I would like to achieve in the coming year, I like to look retrospectively back at  what I have achieved in 2013.
The year began with a series of photoshoots for Dollydagger. I still look at those shots in astonishment that that girl in those photos is me! What a wonderful experience, I feel very lucky to have had such an amazing opportunity!

I suppose my next highlight of 2013 has to be finding my feet and really getting to know some amazing people in Brighton! Being new to a city, so far from home, can be very daunting and can take a while to find similar minded friends. I have been lucky enough to meet some wonderful people.

Vintage lovers Daisy, Danielle, Hayley and Ellen
Who can forget a memorable visit to the Goodwood Revival! I think this will be a permanent fixture on our calendar now.
We also took a small holiday to the Isle of Wight for a vintage vacation!

After lots of hunting around boot sales, eBay and Snoopers Paradise we made serious progress on collecting an assortment of mid century furniture and homewares. We also moved into a much larger flat!
And I can't leave getting this little lady out...
I recently received some amazing news that I have got a promotion at work (woop woop). I really hope that 2014 is my year as I may have a few more pennies and a little more time. I have worked so hard during 2013 that I really hope that it all pays off so I can really enjoy 2014. I prefer to set myself aspirations rather than resolutions so am setting myself the challenge to go on more holidays, visits to weekenders and, of course, acquire lots of wonderful vintage clothing.
I must just finish this post by thanking everyone for reading this blog. I have been amazed by quite how friendly, open and helpful everyone is out there! I also love reading everyone else's blogs for inspiration so look forward to seeing what you all have to come in 2014 too.
Wishing you all the very best for the New Year,
Hannah xxx

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas Is A Comin'

Hello everyone, and hello December! Haven't these past months flown, it seems barely any time since I was thinking about a transitional wardrobe! Since I last blogged, I have had what can only be described as a vintage siesta. It turns out that moving house is as exhausting as I remember, but will soon have some pictures to share of my new flat. I have felt quite uninspired vintage-wise, so decided to compile a Christmas wish list to get myself back on track!
I believe that Christmas is about finding unique and one off gifts, rather than items from well known brands. Where better to turn than Etsy; home to some of the best handmade, reasonably priced and vintage inspired brands.
A firm favourite of mine is Rosie Alia Designs. She has recently stocked up her store with an array of festive treats; I particularly love this Christmassy hair clip.

Floral cluster hair clip featuring wild flowers, rosemary, red rose buds and leaves - Vintage inspired, pin up hair flower, roses
Another accessories go-to store comes from Newcastle based Luxulite. Her unique take on classic sweetheart brooches are absolutely adorable and really kitsch. What a great way to do a modern take on a classic piece of the vintage wardrobe.
Heart of gold confetti lucite style handmade cherry brooch 40s 50s
Other Etsy favourites include '1940's Style For You', 'Naked Without One' and 'In Grips We Trust'.
More browsing on Etsy quickly came up with more gems...
Bakelite Bangle Set
Pendleton '49er Jacket
1960s Lucite Handbag / vintage 1960s Copper Brown Lucite and Black Basket Weave Handbag Purse
Lucite handled handbag perfection
Adorable Vintage 1940s / 50s Wool Knit Kelly Green Sweater and Skirt Set // Alfred Hitchcock Vixen // Pin Up Sweater Girl
You can't forget some classics from some of the best reproduction brands out there, with Freddies of Pinewood full of amazing stock, any of the Vivien of Holloway pencil skirts nor Dollydagger dresses!
Oh how I dream of endless budgets, Christmas' and birthday's...
What is on your wishlist? I would love to hear who are your favourite Etsy sellers, or what you are particularly lusting for.
Until next time,
Hannah xxx