Sunday, 27 April 2014

Onto Bigger and Better Things...

Believe it or not, I have moved house five times in the last four years! On 7th May it all begins again, as I am moving just out of Brighton, to the countryside north of Lewes. I am a real country bumpkin at heart and it has taken quite a while to be able to actually viably afford and consider moving to somewhere that I can rediscover everything. I'm pretty excited!

We will be saying a fond farewell to our Hove maisonette...

...and hello to horses and having a garden with a BBQ! The summer garden parties are already being planned as I'm sure you can imagine.

I have been indulging in my latest obsession, Pinterest, and am busy filling my head with inspiration for how I can continue my Mid Century home into the garden, and I thought I would share some of my favourite pins.

I love these- I am going to enlist my boyfriend to make a few of these!

I would love some ideas of other ways to encorporate Mid Century, Tiki, Vintage (anything!) into the garden if any of you have done the same! You can have a look at everything else I'm pinning here.

Hannah xxx

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Late Forties Do's

Hello again everyone, I'm back with what is turning into my monthly blog post! Oops!

I just wanted to share some images that have been inspiring me recently. With tax year end/start chaos taking over my work life, I must admit that I have been far too tired and lazy to be setting my hair of an evening. Instead, I have become slightly obsessed with late 1940's/early 1950's fun updo's- isn't it nice to simply put all your hair on top of your head and forget about it for a while! Here I am attempting a bit of a poodle...

I found this 'do surprisingly easy to style. I firstly curled the longest pieces of my hair with curling tongs, and then pin curled them to set whilst I put my make up on. Once they were definitely cool I gently separated the curls and pinned my hair up all around my crown. The poodle pretty much formed itself, but required a bit of pinning to keep the curls in place. I used this beautiful picture of Rita Hayworth as my inspiration.

Todays 1940s hair and Makeup Inspiration from Rita Hayworth

Here are some of my other favourites that I hope to try soon...

Janet Blair <3 1940’s

Ida Lupino #hair #vintage #1940s

A thickly plaited wreath of hair. 1940s updo.

I also have quite an obsession with turbans too, as I mentioned on one of my last posts. I love this simple picture of Lucille Ball.

Lucille Ball 1941 - I really like this picture of Lucy, no glamour or glitz. Just Lucy, beautiful.

And finally a little outfit picture...

I would love to know what is inspiring you as Spring approaches!

Hannah xxx

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Noras Novelty Print

Over Christmas I spent time much like the rest of us; too much wine, lots of food and plenty of TV. One evening my family and I visited my cousins house, where I was lucky enough to have a wine fuelled evening of bingo and talking all things fifties. My cousins live with their Nanna, Nora, who is my Uncles Wife's Mother- get it?! In the Fifties she was a hairdressers apprentice in seaside town Southport, near to where I grew up.

Unfortunately I don't see my family as often as I would like due to living at the other end of the country, so when the Lancashire lot get together there is a lot of catching up to be done! It was so wonderful to hear her stories of growing up in that time. Nowadays, Southport has turned into a slightly run down seaside town but in its day it was a true resort. Even Louis-NapolĂ©on Bonaparte lived there before returning to France to become their Emperor. During his reign in France, he caused much of the medieval centre of Paris to be replaced with broad tree-lined boulevards, covered walkways and arcades, just like Lord Street in Southport.


The next day I woke up to a parcel at the door from Nora. I opened it to discover the most beautiful late 1940's/early 1950's novelty print fabric and a card from her...

"Dear Hannah, 

Loved talking to you last night, made me think of my younger days, then I remembered my yard of material which I saved up for, for weeks when I was an apprentice hairdresser in Southport for 10 Shillings a week (50p now). I think you will recognise the name. I would love you to have it as a reminder of late 40's and 50's fashion.

Love, Nora"

I was so touched to receive this wonderful, thoughtful gift. To think that she has held on to it for such a long time to reminisce back to her younger days is so sweet, and I intend to frame it to preserve it as well as possible. This has really kick started my obsession with Novelty Print since Christmas. I would love to find out anything else about the fabric, if anyone know of a good source please let me know!

Hannah xxx 

Thursday, 6 February 2014

New Hair!

I admit it, I very rarely can be bothered to get my hair cut. Who can face it when you can just do a tighter set, or try a few new styles?! I am afraid that I had left it for far too long and the ends of my hair had gone rather haywire. It all began by looking at far too many pictures of early 50's Marilyn and watching lots of Call The Midwife; it was safe to say that I was full of inspiration for a new 'do.

Marilyn Monroe by Milton Green

Grace Kelly timeless beauty x  Our beautiful Gracie - a true #princess

Mamie Van Doren
Stunning Mamie Van Doren
Is it not pretty obvious I am also tempted by a colour change too?!

I decided to be good and stay red, however lost a good two inches of hair! 

It certainly feels much better and I can suddenly get back to setting my hair without ending up with a dead arm! I am quite tempted to take it a little shorter still...we shall see! 

Hannah xxx

Saturday, 25 January 2014

A New Look For A New Year

Christmas time brought me a book that I had long lusted after, '1940's Fashion'. Inside there are many pictures that simply fill me with inspiration but I have to say that it has caused a slight change in style for me! I asked for the book as I hoped to fill my head with inspiration for wonderful, original 1940's styles, which it has done, however I have been inspired by different images to those than I expected to be. Just look at the front cover...

What really stands out throughout the book is the sense of fun that could be found through enjoying clothing. I perhaps always regarded 1940's style as a more restricted and prescribed effort due to the war efforts, however the book really shows how fun style could be.

I must admit that I have made the schoolboy error of just diving in and looking straight at the pictures- how could I resist?!

This above image has the following caption; "Stage actress Ethelind Terry in slacks, a cotton blouse with scalloped edges, a white casual turban and suede moccasins, photographed on a military airfield. The image was part of a propaganda drive to encourage women to take up war work and to suggest that everyone, regardless of fame, class and wealth, was in it together and they all had to do their bit''. I can certainly say that the turban alone would have persuaded me, what a look!

I think these looks are so perfect as spring approaches, I particularly love the above photo with the slacks and 'Sweater Girl' style jumper. I have made some amazing finds recently, with the ever faithful M&S Classic Collection and BHS both well stocked with reasonably priced pieces. Alongside this Forties look, I do long to adopt a little more of the Sweater Girl look into my wardrobe. My Instagram is full of serious inspiration and I simply cannot resist- I think another blog post will have to include some of my inspiration.

 The top below is a BHS purchase paired with a headscarf- I think it is time to find (or make) some turbans!

Alongside some new wardrobe additions this spring, I can hardly forget the accessories can I?! I dream of greatly increasing my brooch collection with an assortment of novelty and mid century pieces and have made some purchases recently. 

Do you intend to adopt a new look into your wardrobe for this new year? As 2013 drew to a close, I felt ready for a change and slightly fed up with my wardrobe. I am looking forward to feeling more of a sense of enjoyment and frivolity from my outfit choices, rather than trying to be 'spot on' all of the time.

With lots of love,

Hannah xxx

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The Glamour of Belville Sassoon- Fashion and Textile Museum

During my recent blogging absence, I was lucky enough to make my first visit to the Fashion and Textile Museum in London with my Mum. Both dress lovers, we were absolutely in our element viewing the collection of stunning gowns from the sixties onwards. Whilst I am more a 1940's/50's fan, you simply cannot deny how beautiful the creations are and the history they hold.
Each dress had been donated; some from the personal collections of the designers and others from prized collections of very lucky ladies. Some had even been donated by royalty, as they famously dressed Diana, Princess of Wales.
I will begin with a picture of my absolute favourite of them all! This slinky number is so elegant and the attention to detail up close was amazing. One can only imagine how amazing someone like Rita Hayworth would have looked in this.

I adore the effortless, Elizabeth Taylor esque, late sixties silhouettes of the dresses below.

The picture behind this stunning green dress is of the red dress below; what a silhouette!
And finally, the most incredible wedding dress- just look at that train! What a feeling it must have been to wear such a beautiful dress walking up the aisle.
It is safe to say that both my Mum and I had serious dress envy by the time we had seen them all!
I really recommend that you go and take a look if you have time. Incredibly reasonable entry of £8 really allows for an inspirational wander around some wonderful dresses that left me wishing for something just half as glamorous! You had best be quick though; the exhibition does end on 11th January!
If you have been, I would love to hear your opinions and which was your favourite!
Hannah xxx

Monday, 30 December 2013

As One Year Draws To A Close...

May I start by apologising for this very overdue blog post. It has been quite some time since I dedicated some time to blogging! I guess that starts my plans for the New Year...I will blog more!
Before I decide what I would like to achieve in the coming year, I like to look retrospectively back at  what I have achieved in 2013.
The year began with a series of photoshoots for Dollydagger. I still look at those shots in astonishment that that girl in those photos is me! What a wonderful experience, I feel very lucky to have had such an amazing opportunity!

I suppose my next highlight of 2013 has to be finding my feet and really getting to know some amazing people in Brighton! Being new to a city, so far from home, can be very daunting and can take a while to find similar minded friends. I have been lucky enough to meet some wonderful people.

Vintage lovers Daisy, Danielle, Hayley and Ellen
Who can forget a memorable visit to the Goodwood Revival! I think this will be a permanent fixture on our calendar now.
We also took a small holiday to the Isle of Wight for a vintage vacation!

After lots of hunting around boot sales, eBay and Snoopers Paradise we made serious progress on collecting an assortment of mid century furniture and homewares. We also moved into a much larger flat!
And I can't leave getting this little lady out...
I recently received some amazing news that I have got a promotion at work (woop woop). I really hope that 2014 is my year as I may have a few more pennies and a little more time. I have worked so hard during 2013 that I really hope that it all pays off so I can really enjoy 2014. I prefer to set myself aspirations rather than resolutions so am setting myself the challenge to go on more holidays, visits to weekenders and, of course, acquire lots of wonderful vintage clothing.
I must just finish this post by thanking everyone for reading this blog. I have been amazed by quite how friendly, open and helpful everyone is out there! I also love reading everyone else's blogs for inspiration so look forward to seeing what you all have to come in 2014 too.
Wishing you all the very best for the New Year,
Hannah xxx