Wednesday, 31 July 2013

1940's Hairstyles- A Book Review

A rare decision to tidy up a box of ''important things'' lead to me making a great discovery...some Amazon vouchers! I decided to treat myself to a few things that I have wanted for a while, in particular this book, 1940's Hairstyles by Daniela Turudich. With beautiful Gene Tierney on the cover, how could I ever resist?!

The book begins by covering the basics, from the different styles that hair was cut into to create the best set, to pin curl tutorials to form the perfect rolls, poodles or pompadours. It details how the forties hairstyles focused on detail at the front of the head, and has beautiful pictures to demonstrate some of the amazing looks of the day. It describes the different methods in which you can get perfectly coiffed, from exactly how to 'fluff' your hair or how to set it to create a reverse roll. I think I will have to give some techniques slightly more practise yet though!
I think this page below features the hair of my dreams, look at the pageboy on the top right!
Of course when I reached the page with Gene Tierney AND Lauren Bacall on, I was completely sold
It even reveals some of best tips of the day used by Hollywood studios to conceal and camouflage any imperfections. I definitely studied this page for a while and was amazed with how the most subtle alterations can seriously conceal a range of flaws!
At the end of the book, there are a few pages explaining how to authentically accessorise a hairstyle, with flowers, bows, ribbons and much more. Another favourite section gives a few ideas for 'Career Girls'. As a vintage girl through and through, I dress 'vintage' all of the time, and really enjoyed getting a few more ideas of how to create an authentic but professional vintage hairstyle for every day.
 I have found it to be incredibly inspiring! It is more than a simple tutorial book, reading more like a reference guide. Modern day methods are acknowledged, such as curling tongs, but it also suggests techniques that have worked since the forties to emulate the same styles. I am potentially being a vintage snob, but I love learning the 'proper' way to style my hair as I really do believe that the old techniques work best. Great quality pictures of forties models provide much better inspiration than Google Images or Pinterest (dare I say?!) and so I am very happy with my purchase.
Have you got this book? It is a bargain on Amazon too so I would definitely recommend you picking one up!
Hannah xxx

One For The Weekend

As much as I love living in Brighton and having such a wonderful amount of vintage right on my doorstep (as lethal to my purse as brilliant to my wardrobe), every now and again it is amazing to see what the areas just outside of the city have to offer.

Step forward Lewes. A beautiful town nestled amongst the Downs, it is steeped in heritage and makes for wonderful viewing through the Charity Shops and Boutiques. A short bus or train ride away, it is so worth a visit to get some country air and change of scenery. At the top of the hill (it is worth the short but steep walk) is Lewes Flea Market, on Market Street. Open 7 days a week, there are stalls a plenty full of trinkets, homewares and affordable furniture. Unbelievably, the only day it is closed is Christmas Day!

Generally, furniture is located upstairs or in the back room. I recommend you take a look at the stalls upstairs as their latest stall holder is my boyfriend! Over the past few months we have hunted around the South to collect the cream of the crop in terms of contemporary and classic mid century design perfect for filling your home with. I have found it very difficult to resist the temptation to force him to keep it all and could very easily and quickly end up on one of those hoarder programmes.

Have you been to Lewes Flea Market yet? I would love to hear what your favourite finds have been, or what you would love to find!
Hannah xxx

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Headscarves and Beehives

Another addition to the vintage hairstyling posts of late is another easier style to pull together. This is a very frequent look that I wear. It is really easy to do, hides a multitude of grease/freshly washed hair sins and maintains a great fifties look. 

The key to mastering this look is the right amount of beehive, with a small French twist at the back. I scoop my hair into a roll with my right hand, and use my left hand to pin it in place. I tend to do this style in freshly washed hair, as you can just shove as many pins in to hold everything in place and get a days wear ready for a good set. The fringe requires slightly more modern day styling; those faithful curling tongs and plenty of backcombing and hairspray! I then roll the longer fringe bits into a small kiss curl and off I go!
I seem to be collecting a lot of headscarves, and buy most from Boo Boo Kitty Couture. They are quite honestly the perfect size, colours and material to get a great look very easily!
I recently bought a 1940's hairstyle book and am trying a few of those looks out, keep your eyes peeled for another hair post coming soon!
Hannah xxx

Monday, 15 July 2013

Bumper Baby!

Since watching How to Marry a Millionaire, I have been obsessed with everything Betty Grable! From her hair and make up to incredible legs, I have been really inspired by her. I stumbled across this image of her and was struck with inspiration and decided to try a modern replica of this look.

I decided to try a loose set with a more modern bumper bang and headscarf. The standard bumper bang look is widely recreated in vintage circles, but it is a look I have struggled to replicate! I was using a hair doughnut, purchased from Boots and really struggled to catch all of my hair in the roll. A trip to Simon Webster Hair later, and I had it sorted! It seems the doughnut that I was using was far too big and so I wasn't getting as tight of a roll as I needed. They recommended that I buy one of those and cut it in half. The right sized doughnut that I now use is pictured below.

I find that this style works better on greasier hair (as do vintage styles) as the hair has lots more hold. To form the bang, separate the hair like in the picture below. I find it best to stop slightly before you reach the crown to ensure that there is still some volume at the back.

Please excuse my hair fresh out of the set!

Then comes the tricky part. Take the doughnut and roll the hair under, as you would with a long foam roller. It may take a few attempts but hold out to get a great outcome! I ran a slight bit of pomade over the fringe I rolled up to keep any stray hairs in place. There is then a little multi tasking were you need to hold the fringe in place but also secure each end of the roll with a long pin me down grip (click here to see). Once the ends are secure you are free to let go and pin away. To cover the ends of the doughnut, simply slide the hair along and you may need to pin some looser bits down. Once everything is secure, you can gently press on the bang to bring it slightly lower down the face.
Add a sweet headscarf or bow for a fun look perfect for the summer days!
Ta Da!
 Good luck, and I would love to see your attempts! Tweet me @ABrightonBelle_!
Hannah xxx


Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Vintage Summertime Dressing

My first 'real' summer of dressing completely 'vintage', and I must admit that I am finding it difficult to find an outfit that is suitable! Standard attire on the streets of Brighton seems to be denim shorts and a top which would simply not suffice at all. After months of wearing calf length skirts and dresses, to bare the flesh (or even above my knees!) feels slightly indecent and I opened my wardrobe with trepidation, fully knowing that there was no fifties playsuit hidden at the back but really hoping there was!
I was in an outfit quandary. A simple dress feels slightly too dressy for lying on the beach however everything else felt a little to restrictive, formal or just not right. I decided to go for my Gingham Circle skirt, Lace top and trusty Rocket Originals Olivia's. A light circle skirt adds a summery touch, especially in a cute pattern! I long for a novelty print one...

Doesn't Brighton look beautiful!
Skirt: Handmade by Me!
Top: Vintage stall at 1940's event on the Isle of Wight
Bag: Vintage
Shoes: Rocket Originals
Belt: Oasis
I have also taken to jumping on that flowery bandwagon by adding some small floral accessories into my hair! I picked up this little rose really cheaply from a local fabric shop and love how the grey flower and green leaf contrast against my hair. A little experimention with my fringe and I quickly managed to add a little victory roll/kiss curl amalgamation to sweep my hair away from my face.
I would love to hear what you have been choosing for your vintage summertime outfits,
Happy sunbathing and don't forget your suncream!
Hannah xxx

Thursday, 4 July 2013

A Date For Your Diary

One for the Brightonians here, on the 21st July Johnny Loves June Vintage Fair makes a return to Shoreham!

You will find around thirty five stalls showcasing a range of items to Ice Cream Parlour, Jive Dancing and a Vintage Hair and Beauty Parlour I am very tempted to book in for some half moon nails, for a mere £7!
I personally love visiting Vintage Fairs around Brighton. Unlike anywhere else in the country, they really are the hub of creativity and it is SO inspiring to see what everyone else is up to. There is so much more than the standard charity shop picks (which I admit I love) and shabby chic. You have the unique opportunity to indulge in the smaller designers and makers that are inspired by their local surroundings and culture. It is so refreshing and I really believe carrying the 'vintage trend' on into the current day. Here is a selection of some of the stallholders that will be showcasing their amazing work at Johnny Loves June...

You will find me with my boyfriend on his stall, for Hold Fast Co. He hand draws tattoo inspired sketches which can be picked up as a sketch (if you have a particular frame in mind) or in a sourced vintage frame! He has recently been working on the most amazing images so please keep an eye on the Facebook page!

I am obsessed with Foxy Flamingo, the creations of lovely Lisa who we met at another fair in Horsham. Her designs are so kitsch! Brighton born and bred, she also stocks her wares in Kemp Town Trading Post!

Not forgetting the amazing creations of blogger and gorgeous girl Emma, of Lady Jardin fame. She is a crochet extraordinaire and I highly recommend that you check out her animal creations on her Facebook page!
I think I will have to hold on to the old purse strings quite tightly!
Hope to see you there,
Hannah xxx