Saturday, 14 September 2013

Goodwood Revival 2013

Sit down with a cup of tea and prepare yourselves; this is going to be a seriously picture heavy post!
On Friday, after months and weeks of preparation, we set off to Goodwood! After a well documented (via Twitter) jacket nightmare, having it been held up for almost a month at Customs, it finally arrived and I could put together my look. A huge forties fan, I was desperate to put together a classic outfit that represents my style, but was within my modest price range! I decided to wear my own interpretation of the Dior New Look that came out in 1947.

And here is my version...
Jacket: Black Rock Vintage on Etsy
Blouse: Charity Shop
Skirt: Zara (3 years ago!)
Shoes: Ebay
Bag: Vintage Hobbs
Beret: Charity Shop
Brooch: Bobby and Dandy, Hove
I even found the perfect Dior New Look shape straw sun hat, whilst on holiday in Suffolk, however the decidedly rainy weather called time on those plans. I decided to go for a Beret and a pageboy set, Lauren Bacall/Nina Foch style.
It is the first time that I have worn a beret and I must say that I loved it!
Here come the pictures...
Super amazing Tesco's stocked with goods in original packaging

Brown sauce anyone?!



My boyfriend wishing this was his

I had such an amazing time, it really was quite overwhelming to be surrounded by such an incredible amount of everything that I love! I suppose that I am so used to searching out vintage in a charity shop, or seeing what a vintage fair has to offer, that miles of clothes, cars and just hours of people watching was just amazing. I really wish we had bought tickets for all three days so that we could see the finals of the racing, and spent more hours immersed in the atmosphere. The only problem has been my seriously achy legs the day after!
Have you been this year, or any previous years? I would love to see some of your pictures!
Hannah xxx

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Dollydagger Model Search 2013

The time has arrived; it is officially nearly one whole year since I won the Dollydagger Model Search! Hasn't it flown!
I entered the competition a devout vintage lover, but perhaps lacking the confidence to embed it into my life completely. A month or so before the competition opened, I had the chance to have some pictures taken of me and thought that I may as well give the competition a go, never thinking that I would come anywhere near winning. New to Brighton, and not really knowing very many people due to moving around quite a lot over the past few years, I really didn't even think that I stood a chance. Never mind the fact that I am only 5"3 and by no means a model!
Here is my original entry...
 Never did I imagine that I would win and end up seeing myself looking like this...
Dollydagger Dita dress in black
Fancy entering the 2014 competition then?! Read on...
Dollydagger model competition
Entries open from 23rd September, with voting running from 1st to 31st October. To enter, e-mail a full-length photograph and headshot, both taken within the last three months, along with a favourite photo of your choice and a written statement or video explaining why you want to win to

Voting over Facebook will decide on the top 8 finalists, who all win prizes worth £50. The overall winner will win a 12 month modelling contract, and prizes from each shoot of up to £200! This lucky lady will be chosen by a panel consisting of Emma Ayres, Simon Flamson (manager of the Brighton based store), photographer Toby Amies and (drumroll please)!

Those of you wondering whether or not to it! This has not only been an amazing opportunity to wear some seriously fabulous dresses, but has also give me the chance to meet some really lovely people. A year ago, I would have never dreamt that I would be confident enough to wear vintage every day, write a blog and have met so many like minded people. I'm just going to try not to shed a tear when I hand over the reins to the next winner!
I can't wait to see your entries,
Hannah xxx


Saturday, 7 September 2013

The Cold Days Are Coming

As a sunshine lover, I do get a feeling of dread as Winter approaches. Cold, wet weather and short dark days ahead leave me feeling a bit miserable, however there is something exciting about getting a warm, winter wardrobe prepared!

Since completely embracing my 'vintage lifestyle' and embedding it into my everyday life, my own interpretation and 'look' has developed and this is the first winter that I feel excited to dress completely vintage for. A 50s sundress, gypsy top or circle skirt are easy to pick up and give a fantastically authentic summertime vintage look, but I feel winter is a little more difficult mainly due to the temptation to be warm rather than stylish! An avid eBay and Etsy viewer, many an evening of late has been spent hunting down some classic winter staples to add to my ever increasing array of clothing. I am really looking forward to indulging in some more forties fashion and adding tweed, hats, fur and knits!
Here is a selection of some pieces I have my eye on...

Black Cord Capri Pants
Navy Blue "saddle" Sweater
Of course, most of my time will be spent wrapping up warm and hunting around the charity shops. Who can think of a better way to spend a winters day?!
Do you have your eye on anything in particular?
Hannah xxx