Friday, 25 October 2013

Pin Curl Setting Styles

Normally a complete rollers enthusiast, it takes a lot to persuade me to try a different setting technique! I stumbled across these 'Hollywood Hairstyles- and how to do it yourself' guides, which even show how to get some of our favourite Golden Era Gals' do's.
These techniques are all done by a Pin Curl set. To roll a pin curl, take your strand of hair that you wish to curl, give it a spray (or three) of setting lotion and comb it through. Pinch the hair between your thumb and index finger, then make a loop using your other hand and roll the hair up the head. Clip it into place with two crossed Kirby grips and your are away! Just ensure that you use the same amount of hair to get uniform curls! I find this tutorial from Vixen Vintage particularly useful.
I decided to use this Lauren Bacall tutorial as I am continually looking to perfect my Pageboy!
For once in my life, I made sure to follow the instructions exactly, and was SO pleased with the results. When I do my usual roller set, I am always pleased with the front but never quite achieve the back quite how I would like it. It seems like the pin curl method gets perfection! Please excuse the dodgy lighting of my flat (I really do hope my hair isn't two toned like it looks!) but here are the results...

I also found quite a few other techniques, I just need to decide which to try next!


I think this (above) would create the ultimate Betty Grable look in Pin Up Girl!

Which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter (@ABrightonBelle_)
Hannah xxx

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Vintage in Brighton- Charity Shop Who's Who

As my purse strings seem to get tighter and tighter every month, I am continually finding myself browsing and buying in Charity Shops. I am lucky in that I have three right at the top of my road that each have something a little different, in fact I rarely stray further afield!
First up is the British Heart Foundation on Western Road, near to Waitrose. It seems that every time I go in here, I walk out with something! Expect to find plenty of clothing, with the shop sectioned into tops, skirts, trousers, dresses etc. There is currently a great knitwear selection in there at the moment. I must admit that this is one of my favourite charity shops as you will often find original vintage in here! Delve deeper into the shop and you will find a few small but well stocked homeware shelves. More often trinkets and smaller homeware items, these shelves often turn up trumps.


Turning right out of there, if you can make it past Sally's beauty supplies next door (where they sell super strong hairspray and Crazy Colour semi permanent hair dye), you will reach Oxfam. Always with a beautiful window display, inside there are always lots of dresses to browse through. There is currently a wonderful array of winter coats to choose from. I have had quite a lot of luck in here recently as they seem to have added more knitwear and skirts to their stock. I always find there to be a good selection of menswear in here too. Upstairs you can even find records!

Crossing the road, you will find the Martlets Furniture shop next to Taj. Whilst they do stock clothes, I am most impressed with their collection of furniture in here. With this shop in particular, I find it best to go in there as often as possible as it seems that stock regularly changes around. There is a huge array of wool and knitting needles, as well as books too!

Heading further into the centre of Brighton, I always make a beeline for the Martlets Shop on Church Road, near to the Corn Exchange. This outlet specialises in Vintage, and even has its own Instagram and Twitter feed! Search for 'vintagemartlets' on Instagram and @Martletsshops on Twitter. I am always spoilt for choice in this store! They are even having their very own Vintage Me Christmas Fair on 30th November at the Unitarian Church. I think it will be dangerous for the old purse strings but all for a good cause!

Do you recommend any other charity shops around Brighton? I am yet to let loose on George Street in Hove, and believe London Road is also promising!
Hannah xxx

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Glorious 39

Settling into bed on Saturday night, I noticed that British Drama 'Glorious 39' was on TV. Knowing I was bound to fall asleep partway though, I decided to sit down and watch it properly...and am I glad I did!
I really don't want to reveal too much of the tale, but can guarantee that it is so worth a watch. The plot is gripping, cast full of British talent and an amazing wardrobe to boot. Set on the eve of WW2 in wartime Britain, Anne, the adopted daughter of a rich and formidable family, discovers secret recordings in her Father's shed and suddenly her life dramatically unravels.
I find myself incredibly inspired by the wardrobe and understated elegance of Anne. The wealth of her family is definitely reflected in the outfit choices, from lame to silk gowns, all outfits are incredibly opulent. Simple, classic late thirties/early forties styling was made incredibly realistic by attention to detail. Anne was given a 'capsule wardrobe', so we see the same pieces of clothing being used slightly differently throughout the film. How authentic! Even better, we even see her sleeping in pin curls. How frustrating is it when we watch reproduction films were they sleep with no set but awake to incredible curls!


Romola Garai in Glorious 39
For me, the hair is absolute perfection. Not too over the top, but understated and elegant styles accessorised with wonderful snoods, berets or slides. Even better, look how few pin curls she appears to have in! In the film, she has just pin curled the entire front part of the hairline.
The make up for Anne is incredibly simple as she really is a natural beauty. For the daytime scenes, I wonder if they have used a lip stain, such as Benetint. Her eye make up also appears very simple, with the slightest bit of black eyeshadow used instead of eyeliner. Of an evening, a rich red lipstick is used (possibly Russian Red) with some more definition to the eye by a tiny bit of eyeliner and eyeshadow in the socket.
I think it is fair to say that the DVD, a red beret and navy snood are most definitely on my wish list!
Glorious 39 should be on the Iplayer this week if you catch it quickly!
Hope you enjoy,
Hannah xxx

Friday, 11 October 2013

Vintage Guide to Suffolk

At the beginning of August, I had a wonderful week away in Suffolk with my boyfriend and his family. Alongside lots of games of badminton, cricket and rounders, we found time to drink quite a lot of wine, eat lots of food and find lots of vintage shops! Here are my finds...

We stayed very near to the Snape Maltings, which had something for everyone, from a Concert Hall, locally produced food store to a large room full of Shabby Chic interior pieces. We quickly found the Antiques and Collectables store tucked around to the side of the development. There was a huge amount of vintage clothing, but I didn't really find anything that jumped out at me, although I'm sure with a more dedicated hunt there would be some great finds. I would say there was better quality collectables than clothing, and very similar to a small Snoopers Paradise here in Brighton. Make sure to nip down the road to The Golden Key, a fantastic country pub that makes a seriously good Fish and Chips!

Aldeburgh is a beautiful, picturesque town by the sea. One of my favourite shops there was a great independent wine and beer merchant who sold a selection of the more obscure tipples. I was disappointed to find a surprising lack of vintage, however Vintage Angels on the way into the town makes up for it. A wonderfully extensive selection of vintage clothing on offer; for once the men also have plenty of quality vintage clothing to browse through too. I have a feeling that a lot of money would have been spent had we not cycled there! Vintage Angels contained one of the best selections of menswear that I have seen. Even better, there is a small but well stocked vintage furniture emporium attached!
Near to Aldeburgh is Thorpeness Emporium, which looks like a new development, but probably contained the best array of vintage I could find in the whole of Suffolk! The selection of clothing was perhaps more female orientated, but on a whole, the Emporium contained a wide range of quality and kitsch homewares. I really loved it here, and even found the hat I intended to wear for Goodwood! (silly rain prevented it). Even better, nip across the road afterwards to the tea rooms, down to the sand beach or even have a row on the lake!
I must admit that I was slightly let down by Ipswich. I did expect more vintage shops but perhaps I am spoilt by Brighton! Carr Street was the best place to visit for charity shops, with them even situated conveniently next to each other. Fairweather Vintage has a lovely selection of ladieswear and the benefit of in house alterations upstairs and mod menswear downstairs. Vintage and Retro homeware is best found on St Peters Street.

On one of our last days, we headed over to Felixstowe, a seaside town with a small amusement arcade that we made sure to visit...

In typical seaside town fashion, there is plenty of charity shops to choose from but hey, who can complain at that?! Head over to the bottom of Hamilton Road, nearest to the sea, and you can find a vintage homeware shop and a new favourite of mine, The Thrify Thistle. I really enjoyed seeing the selection of crafts made by local people, and picked up some beautiful felt brooches that I haven't stopped wearing recently! These brooches were made by the very talented Lucy of 1940's Style for You who I think could very easily persuade me to part with a lot of money! Alongside the brooches, she has an amazing collection of knitted jumpers perfect for this time of year that she has on her Etsy shop.
Have you been to Suffolk or are you from there? I would love to hear about any places I missed out in the comments below!
Hannah xxx

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A Year Old

Hello everyone,
It would appear that I have fallen into that deep dark hole of non blogging. Oops! Perhaps I have been slightly too distracted by the Dollydagger Model Search, Freddies of Pinewood and mainly my sewing machine (my, my, my, have I been busy).
Unfortunately I am not too well at the moment with a well documented (via Twitter) headache. Whilst I am suffering at home, I will get writing some blog posts as I have lots to share!
The start of October sees my blog celebrate being a whole year old!

Since starting my blog a year ago, I have fallen head first into the vintage world. My confidence has improved so much, I have met so many lovely people and also quite quickly gained a very full wardrobe of mid century goodness. Here are some of my favourite moments...

Meeting these lovely ladies!

Featured on the Vintage Brighton website

Goodwood Revival

Meeting Brighton based vintage ladies!

Our Isle of Wight Airstream holiday

And how could I forget my Dollydagger experience!
Here's to another year!
Hannah xxx