Wednesday, 19 December 2012

And Christmas is nearly upon us...

Hello everyone!

Christmas spirit is in full flow, and scarily enough, a week today it will all be over! I am so, so excited to get back up north to see my family, and I think it will only be then when the true Christmas excitement will take hold!

Over the past few nights I have been making the finishing touches to my Christmas decorations around our little flat, and it is really beginning to look lovely! I may also have been indulging in mince pies, stollen and mulled wine...

Good old M&S ripping me off slightly, 2 bottles for £10 but ah well...

Here is our completed paper chains (and homemade bunting!) that covers the entire flat, it's safe to say I got rather carried away! I have a feeling these won't be coming down for quite a while!

And here is our beautiful Christmas tree. We have it in pride of place in front of a window that overlooks the street. I absolutely love walking home in the evening and can see it shining away, although perhaps that's just too much mulled wine making me all mushy inside!

 My two favourite glass baubles, I love how the one below looks like a giant bubble!

And finally, you may have seen on Twitter (@ABrightonBelle_) that I have been making some teacup candles. I didn't want to just wrap these up in normal wrapping paper, as I was so scared that they would get all banged around and be broken, so instead bought my most beautiful tissue paper from Paperchase. Again, I am slightly ashamed at how much I was tricked into paying for this paper, but it is one of the most beautiful prints, I could just frame a section of this paper! Below you should be able to see it...


It is very delicate, almost hand sketched looking entwined leaves and flowers, with the most beautifully coloured birds sitting among it all. I sense a project coming for the new year, perhaps a charity shop rummage for a photo frame to paint to put some print in!

I hope you are well and wish you all the best for Christmas,
With lots of love from Brighton,
Hannah xxx