Friday, 30 November 2012

Christmas Is Coming!

...And this blog is going to become very very Christmassy!
Over the next twelve days I am going to do a blog post every day for the next 12 days, Brighton's very own 12 Days of Christmas!
I have written a few ideas down but please let me know if there is anything in particular that you would like to me post about! You can comment at the bottom of this post, or Tweet me @ABrightonBelle_
I can't wait to blog every day and hope that you all enjoy reading them. My posts will take a definite Christmassy direction, however may also give you a few ideas for any lovely gifts or ways to get into the Christmas spirit!
I look forward to my first post tomorrow,
Lots of Love,
Hannah xxx

Sunday, 25 November 2012

A Sunday Outing to Lewes Flea Market

Hello everyone!

Today myself and the boyfriend decided to venture over to the flea market on Market Street in Lewes. I have been wanting to go for AGES and woke up to sunshine, so we got ourselves on the bus over there to hunt for some beautiful bargains.

Bargains, Bargains come out wherever you are!

The sunshine quickly changed into rain, rain and more rain but this didn't dampen our spirits to find some beauties. This place is quite literally a treasure chest! Lots of stalls are packed into the market, which is in an old Methodist Church. It is very grand and the building really added to the spirit of things, with beams, vaulted ceilings and this amazing door!

There is so much to hunt through from jewellery, furniture, kitchenware, really does have everything in there. We particularly loved one stall which had an Anglepoise Lamp and a Lloyd Loom Laundry basket. I particularly love the retro classic items, and an original is so nice to find. If we didn't have to get the bus back I think we would have bought both, however we decided to go for the Lloyd Loom basket. It just needs a bit of love and care and it will look wonderful in our bedroom! Here is a sneaky peak, I will update you all soon with how the restoration goes!

Are any of you doing any restorations at the moment? The 'shabby chic' trend is huge at the moment but I think we will be staying as close to the original with this one!
Lots of love,
Hannah xxx

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Fantastic Shapewear from What Katie Did

Hello everyone!

So another parcel arrived through the door...a beautiful little payday treat to myself from vintage inspired lingerie geniuses, What Katie Did.

I am a true believer in the theory that a great outfit begins from underneath the clothes. It has been well documented by Mad Men goddess Christina Hendricks that the secret behind her amazing figure is some great shapewear. After all, in the forties and fifties, it was still the trend to wear more structured underwear!

What Katie Did provides more than a tight fitting bit of elastic to struggle into. Boned, hook and eye fastening supportwear nips you in much more than is believable, looks fantastic and still maintains a very comfy fit that I find I can easily wear all day.

I purchased the Glamour Longline Bra (see here) a while ago, and it has lived up to all of my expectations. A comfortable fit that makes such a difference, taking my waist down into the twenties from a 31! My payday treat was this Cabaret Waspie. I bought this so that I can get a similar look to the one I achieve in the Longline Bra, but can also wear a strapless bra for halterneck dresses! I was helped out massively on sizing and finer details by the online chat help, an actual human being that was helpful, friendly and knowledgeable!

Another huge bonus was placing my order at around lunchtime, paying for standard delivery...only for the parcel to arrive the very next day, beautifully packaged!

I couldn't recommend What Katie Did more, I am more impressed every time I use them and a few sneaky orders may be placed this weekend; there is free standard delivery ending at midnight on Monday 26th November!

Enjoy and treat yourselves girlies,

Lots of love,

Hannah xxx

Friday, 16 November 2012

What's On Your Christmas List?!

Hello everyone!

The nights are drawing in, Christmas songs are playing in the shops and I have seen the Coca-Cola advert...its official, Christmas is on its way!

I find this time of year very exciting, even just for the delicious food! Christmas is a time perfect for spending with your nearest and dearest, and this is simply a wishlist that I have compiled from recent online is sure to grow and grow as we get nearer to the big day!

Here are my finds that will be on my list this year!

My beloved Topshop brogues are on their last legs so I need a new pair of everyday shoes/boots for winter and I think these Clarks Originals Desert Boots would fit the bill...look how comfy and snug they look! I think the grey will wear nicely and go darker to give a beaten look that looks perfect with jeans on a dressing down day.

A slightly more indulgent option now... Dig for Victory is a Brighton based shop specialising in quality, handmade, beautiful dresses. You can even arrange to have a dress handmade from scratch especially for you! I am well and truly spoilt for choice in here...

Gahh pleaseeee Santa!! Aren't they gorgeous?!
Another amazing treat would be a Jo Malone fragrance. Whilst very pricy, I love the natural base to all perfumes which gives them a wonderful long lastingness. I currently use a body lotion that gives a very strong, longlasting scent and it would be lovely to have the actual perfume to go alongside this. A new store has just opened in Brighton, opposite the MAC store, so I will soon be checking it out to find my favourite! I would also be incredibly grateful for a new bottle of my Chanel Mademoiselle perfume. Two years on of very regular use and I am just about to run out...I think that is great value for money!
The Collections Jo Malone Collection
Finally a few smaller stocking fillers will be on my list...
A 5x5 photo album for my 120mm pictures...these seem to be impossible to find-please help me out if you know of anywhere to get these!
A new purse (mine was stolen :( boo )
A bike (yes, a small stocking filler!)
And finally Santa, a choice of two options...
A pug that I will call Gary (I think this picture is amazing!)
Or a Lakeland terrier...
Oh how I would love a dog...damn our non existant garden!
As much as I would absolutely love everything on this list, this is most definitely a wish list! I am a true animal lover and would love a dog one day when the time is right, and we can treat it with the love and care it deserves.
Have any of you lovelies spotted anything you would like from Santa this year? I can't wait for Christmas party season...keep your eyes peeled and ear plugs in if you spot me in a local kareoke bar!
Lots of love,
Hannah xxx

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

My Dollydagger Journey Begins...

Hello everyone!

Recently I have had the pleasure of being able to do every girls dream...try lots and lots of beautiful dresses on! My first shoot for Dollydagger is being planned as we speak, so I have been nipping into the shop to have my fittings in the different dresses.

The wonderful and lovely Simon runs the shop in the Brighton Lanes, and he played my assistant, passing me dress after dress to try on. I admit I found myself transformed by each dress into a different vintage icon, what a great dress can do!

 I was first presented with the Dita dress which you can see below. I absolutely adore this dress! The lines of this dress very cleverly creates the ultimate hourglass figure. The neckline covers more of your collarbones that this picture would suggest, however this enhances the bust, and equally makes the waist look even smaller. The ruching around the hips exxagerates the hourglass figure again, but also magically hides any belly as your eye is naturally drawn to the shape that this dress creates. I then wiggled around the shop like Dita herself!

Dollydagger Dita Dress

There is also a skirt in the same style, the High Waist Dita Skirt.
Dollydagger High Waist Dita Skirt
This sits just under the bust and finishes just below the knee. I was quite surprised and pleased to find that the skirt actually didn't look too dramatic, so would look wonderful for during the day as well as out in the evening, making it a very cost efficient purchase!
Next up was the Greta Leopard Collar Dress. This is very much the same shape as the Dita dress, both of which finish at the super flattering length just below the knee. This dress turned me into Joan Holloway from Mad Men!
Dollydagger Greta Leopard Collar Dress
Another beauty, perfect for the winter seasons with the fur cuffs and neckline! This was very flattering again, the necklines really do suit any figure and I also found them very accomodating and not tight at all for my boobs! I really really like this dress, the fur and slightly thicker material mean you probably wouldn't need any jacket etc to go with this one!
Dollydagger Scarlet Dress
This is the Scarlet dress. Another great investment- a very sutble, elegant choice or, with the addition of a petticoat, a wonderful statement 1950s dress. This is slightly more lower cut than the others I have mentioned, which really draws the eye down the the teeny tiny waist it creates. Once I put the petticoat on, I definitely felt like Betty Draper from Mad Men! I think this would look absolutely stunning with plenty of diamonds and simple, elegant hair and make up.
Finally I tried the gorgeous Strawberry Fayre Bustle Dress on. I adore this too! This was perhaps my favourite of them all, as I feel it is maybe the most wearable. You can dress it down for a 1940s look with brogues and victory rolls during the day or dress it up for the evening and really show off the shape it gives you.
Dollydagger Strawberry Fayre Bustle Dress
Tight in at the waist, with pleats over the stomach, it finishes at that brilliant length again...just beneath the knees. It has another super neckline that shows off the collar bones and adds a uniqueness to the dress. Around the waist is a tie of matching fabric. You can take it completely out if you like, to maybe add a brown waist belt, or make a big bow at the back. Very cleverly, the tie is made out of quite strong, stiff fabric, so any bows make will actually hold themselves up and out rather than fall down and lose their shape. I can't think of anything more flattering than a tiny waist with a big bow showing it off!
I also tried the beautiful Scarlet dress and the Brighton Belle (!) Swing dress. See these on the Dollydagger website here. More gorgeous dresses, I really do feel incredibly lucky to have been chosen!
It is clear to see that Emma, the owner and designer at Dollydagger, really does know what suits real women. It is a relief to try so many dresses on that actually fit perfectly, with no horrible getting stuck moments or looking at yourself in the mirror thinking ohhhh no! Every one slipped on and made me feel amazing! I think the minute you try something on and instantly do a little dance (or is that just me?!), you know it's the right dress for you!
Keep your eyes peeled- soon it will be the photoshoot and my face will be plastered all over the Website, Facebook, Twitter and Shop Front! Its going to be weird but amazing too!
Thats all folks! Well done if you made it this far!
Lots of love,
Hannah xxx

Friday, 9 November 2012

Not More Lipstick...

Hello again!
Just a quick post to show off a recent purchase! After my post on Lipsticks, I decided I definitely needed to bulk out the collection, and purchase a true red. I absolutely love a red lip, it can exude glamour in an evening with a black dress or look great with very very natural make up during the day and a vivid red lip.
Eeek look at those clouds :(
This is MAC Matte in Ruby Woo and the lipliner is MAC in Redd. This lipstick is very matte which gives such an intense colour, however it is fairly neutral (not too blue/orange shaded) so tends to suit everyone. I absolutely love it as it is such a strong, classy look, whatever style you have. I was lucky enough to manage to get the lipliner from the Marilyn Monroe collection that is quickly selling out at the moment. Redd is a permanent colour in their everyday collection, it just seems to be the packaging that is slightly different for it in the Marilyn collection.
When going for a strong lip I love a bit of lipliner. Sometimes I very slightly overline my lips purposely, especially in the cupids bow part to really make my lips stand out. I do believe this is what Marilyn herself did. This video by Lisa Eldridge beautifully recreates the perfect Marilyn look (click on 'this' at the start of this sentence) and details some of the tricks her personal make up artist used.
I think the next lipstick that I would like to try is MAC Ladydanger; it was recommended by the MAC counter girl as it is a mixture of my two favourites, Ruby Woo and So Chaud. Are there any particular lipsticks you would recommend? I would also like to try a more wintery, wine shade lipstick so would welcome any recommendations!
Lots of love,
Hannah xxx

Some exciting news...

Hello everyone!

I have had the busiest few weeks, I have so much to let you all know about!

As you all know I shortlisted to become the face of Dollydagger for the next year. Voting closed on 28th October and the winner was announced on 1st November, and I had the shock of my life when I received a phone call from the lovely Emma at Dollydagger to say that I have won!

Woooooop!! A very excited Hannah was then bouncing around work all afternoon and seem to have a new nickname from my colleagues, 'Miss Congeniality'!.

Just want to thank you all for voting for me and all of your lovely comments. I am just an average girl, far too tiny and curvy to be a real model, so to win this has honestly amazed me. It is quite unbelievable, I now get a free photo from every shoot I do for them and up to £200 worth of clothes from each shoot......ahhhhhhhh amazing!

It seems like the first photo shoot will be in a couple of weeks time, so keep your eyes peeled!

Lots of love,

Hannah xxx