Saturday, 25 January 2014

A New Look For A New Year

Christmas time brought me a book that I had long lusted after, '1940's Fashion'. Inside there are many pictures that simply fill me with inspiration but I have to say that it has caused a slight change in style for me! I asked for the book as I hoped to fill my head with inspiration for wonderful, original 1940's styles, which it has done, however I have been inspired by different images to those than I expected to be. Just look at the front cover...

What really stands out throughout the book is the sense of fun that could be found through enjoying clothing. I perhaps always regarded 1940's style as a more restricted and prescribed effort due to the war efforts, however the book really shows how fun style could be.

I must admit that I have made the schoolboy error of just diving in and looking straight at the pictures- how could I resist?!

This above image has the following caption; "Stage actress Ethelind Terry in slacks, a cotton blouse with scalloped edges, a white casual turban and suede moccasins, photographed on a military airfield. The image was part of a propaganda drive to encourage women to take up war work and to suggest that everyone, regardless of fame, class and wealth, was in it together and they all had to do their bit''. I can certainly say that the turban alone would have persuaded me, what a look!

I think these looks are so perfect as spring approaches, I particularly love the above photo with the slacks and 'Sweater Girl' style jumper. I have made some amazing finds recently, with the ever faithful M&S Classic Collection and BHS both well stocked with reasonably priced pieces. Alongside this Forties look, I do long to adopt a little more of the Sweater Girl look into my wardrobe. My Instagram is full of serious inspiration and I simply cannot resist- I think another blog post will have to include some of my inspiration.

 The top below is a BHS purchase paired with a headscarf- I think it is time to find (or make) some turbans!

Alongside some new wardrobe additions this spring, I can hardly forget the accessories can I?! I dream of greatly increasing my brooch collection with an assortment of novelty and mid century pieces and have made some purchases recently. 

Do you intend to adopt a new look into your wardrobe for this new year? As 2013 drew to a close, I felt ready for a change and slightly fed up with my wardrobe. I am looking forward to feeling more of a sense of enjoyment and frivolity from my outfit choices, rather than trying to be 'spot on' all of the time.

With lots of love,

Hannah xxx