Thursday, 6 February 2014

New Hair!

I admit it, I very rarely can be bothered to get my hair cut. Who can face it when you can just do a tighter set, or try a few new styles?! I am afraid that I had left it for far too long and the ends of my hair had gone rather haywire. It all began by looking at far too many pictures of early 50's Marilyn and watching lots of Call The Midwife; it was safe to say that I was full of inspiration for a new 'do.

Marilyn Monroe by Milton Green

Grace Kelly timeless beauty x  Our beautiful Gracie - a true #princess

Mamie Van Doren
Stunning Mamie Van Doren
Is it not pretty obvious I am also tempted by a colour change too?!

I decided to be good and stay red, however lost a good two inches of hair! 

It certainly feels much better and I can suddenly get back to setting my hair without ending up with a dead arm! I am quite tempted to take it a little shorter still...we shall see! 

Hannah xxx