Wednesday, 1 May 2013

With An Arched Eyebrow

A flick of eyeliner or a shock of red lipstick are commonly seen as the staple to a classic vintage look. I believe that a classic, well shaped eyebrow really seals the deal and frames the face, look at the difference it makes to Grace Kelly!

We have all read the classic tutorial in every magazine which shows us how to use our nose to measure the three different points of the eyebrow, but it has taken me a long time to finally find a product that frames my eyes well, but keeps me well away from a scouse brow!
Less of this...
And more of this!

I use MUA Pro Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit which I got for around £3 from Superdrug. It comes with two different shade powders, highlighter, petroleum jelly, an angled brush and small tweezers, all in a cute little set with a mirror too!

I mix the two eyebrow powders on the top row to create a shade that emphasises the shape enough, but isn't too dark.
Here I am above, all made up but with natural brows! I am lucky to have fairly full brows, however they can be quite sparse in some places and don't really have much shape to them. They are also considerably fairer than my bright ginger hair! I begin by defining the point of my eyebrows, to were I want to highest point to be. Depending on my look, I either build these up for a more pronounced fifties look, or slightly more natural but shapely forties look.
I use my angled brush included in the kit to help define the arch. I use a stippling or dabbing motion to press the powder on, rather than sweep it on as you would with eyeshadow. Once I am happy, I then move on to fill out the thicker part nearer towards my nose. I try not to have the powder too dark and intense here to maintain a natural look, blending it from natural towards the defined arch. I then follow the natural arch and hair down to the outer point.
 And here is my finished look! I must admit to not being a fan of the current trend to almost on the shape of brows and colour them in, I do prefer a natural look that just emphasises your natural features. A quick swipe over of the included jelly can set the brows and powder in place to last all day (and all night!). I sometimes use a highlighter for a more special occasion, but use Benefit High Beam just lighted dabbed underneath the outer brow rather than a powder one which can end up all over your face.
I hope this is useful and I would love to hear your best eyebrow tips!
Lots of vintage love,
Hannah x