Friday, 9 November 2012

Not More Lipstick...

Hello again!
Just a quick post to show off a recent purchase! After my post on Lipsticks, I decided I definitely needed to bulk out the collection, and purchase a true red. I absolutely love a red lip, it can exude glamour in an evening with a black dress or look great with very very natural make up during the day and a vivid red lip.
Eeek look at those clouds :(
This is MAC Matte in Ruby Woo and the lipliner is MAC in Redd. This lipstick is very matte which gives such an intense colour, however it is fairly neutral (not too blue/orange shaded) so tends to suit everyone. I absolutely love it as it is such a strong, classy look, whatever style you have. I was lucky enough to manage to get the lipliner from the Marilyn Monroe collection that is quickly selling out at the moment. Redd is a permanent colour in their everyday collection, it just seems to be the packaging that is slightly different for it in the Marilyn collection.
When going for a strong lip I love a bit of lipliner. Sometimes I very slightly overline my lips purposely, especially in the cupids bow part to really make my lips stand out. I do believe this is what Marilyn herself did. This video by Lisa Eldridge beautifully recreates the perfect Marilyn look (click on 'this' at the start of this sentence) and details some of the tricks her personal make up artist used.
I think the next lipstick that I would like to try is MAC Ladydanger; it was recommended by the MAC counter girl as it is a mixture of my two favourites, Ruby Woo and So Chaud. Are there any particular lipsticks you would recommend? I would also like to try a more wintery, wine shade lipstick so would welcome any recommendations!
Lots of love,
Hannah xxx