Friday, 16 November 2012

What's On Your Christmas List?!

Hello everyone!

The nights are drawing in, Christmas songs are playing in the shops and I have seen the Coca-Cola advert...its official, Christmas is on its way!

I find this time of year very exciting, even just for the delicious food! Christmas is a time perfect for spending with your nearest and dearest, and this is simply a wishlist that I have compiled from recent online is sure to grow and grow as we get nearer to the big day!

Here are my finds that will be on my list this year!

My beloved Topshop brogues are on their last legs so I need a new pair of everyday shoes/boots for winter and I think these Clarks Originals Desert Boots would fit the bill...look how comfy and snug they look! I think the grey will wear nicely and go darker to give a beaten look that looks perfect with jeans on a dressing down day.

A slightly more indulgent option now... Dig for Victory is a Brighton based shop specialising in quality, handmade, beautiful dresses. You can even arrange to have a dress handmade from scratch especially for you! I am well and truly spoilt for choice in here...

Gahh pleaseeee Santa!! Aren't they gorgeous?!
Another amazing treat would be a Jo Malone fragrance. Whilst very pricy, I love the natural base to all perfumes which gives them a wonderful long lastingness. I currently use a body lotion that gives a very strong, longlasting scent and it would be lovely to have the actual perfume to go alongside this. A new store has just opened in Brighton, opposite the MAC store, so I will soon be checking it out to find my favourite! I would also be incredibly grateful for a new bottle of my Chanel Mademoiselle perfume. Two years on of very regular use and I am just about to run out...I think that is great value for money!
The Collections Jo Malone Collection
Finally a few smaller stocking fillers will be on my list...
A 5x5 photo album for my 120mm pictures...these seem to be impossible to find-please help me out if you know of anywhere to get these!
A new purse (mine was stolen :( boo )
A bike (yes, a small stocking filler!)
And finally Santa, a choice of two options...
A pug that I will call Gary (I think this picture is amazing!)
Or a Lakeland terrier...
Oh how I would love a dog...damn our non existant garden!
As much as I would absolutely love everything on this list, this is most definitely a wish list! I am a true animal lover and would love a dog one day when the time is right, and we can treat it with the love and care it deserves.
Have any of you lovelies spotted anything you would like from Santa this year? I can't wait for Christmas party season...keep your eyes peeled and ear plugs in if you spot me in a local kareoke bar!
Lots of love,
Hannah xxx