Monday, 15 July 2013

Bumper Baby!

Since watching How to Marry a Millionaire, I have been obsessed with everything Betty Grable! From her hair and make up to incredible legs, I have been really inspired by her. I stumbled across this image of her and was struck with inspiration and decided to try a modern replica of this look.

I decided to try a loose set with a more modern bumper bang and headscarf. The standard bumper bang look is widely recreated in vintage circles, but it is a look I have struggled to replicate! I was using a hair doughnut, purchased from Boots and really struggled to catch all of my hair in the roll. A trip to Simon Webster Hair later, and I had it sorted! It seems the doughnut that I was using was far too big and so I wasn't getting as tight of a roll as I needed. They recommended that I buy one of those and cut it in half. The right sized doughnut that I now use is pictured below.

I find that this style works better on greasier hair (as do vintage styles) as the hair has lots more hold. To form the bang, separate the hair like in the picture below. I find it best to stop slightly before you reach the crown to ensure that there is still some volume at the back.

Please excuse my hair fresh out of the set!

Then comes the tricky part. Take the doughnut and roll the hair under, as you would with a long foam roller. It may take a few attempts but hold out to get a great outcome! I ran a slight bit of pomade over the fringe I rolled up to keep any stray hairs in place. There is then a little multi tasking were you need to hold the fringe in place but also secure each end of the roll with a long pin me down grip (click here to see). Once the ends are secure you are free to let go and pin away. To cover the ends of the doughnut, simply slide the hair along and you may need to pin some looser bits down. Once everything is secure, you can gently press on the bang to bring it slightly lower down the face.
Add a sweet headscarf or bow for a fun look perfect for the summer days!
Ta Da!
 Good luck, and I would love to see your attempts! Tweet me @ABrightonBelle_!
Hannah xxx