Wednesday, 31 July 2013

1940's Hairstyles- A Book Review

A rare decision to tidy up a box of ''important things'' lead to me making a great discovery...some Amazon vouchers! I decided to treat myself to a few things that I have wanted for a while, in particular this book, 1940's Hairstyles by Daniela Turudich. With beautiful Gene Tierney on the cover, how could I ever resist?!

The book begins by covering the basics, from the different styles that hair was cut into to create the best set, to pin curl tutorials to form the perfect rolls, poodles or pompadours. It details how the forties hairstyles focused on detail at the front of the head, and has beautiful pictures to demonstrate some of the amazing looks of the day. It describes the different methods in which you can get perfectly coiffed, from exactly how to 'fluff' your hair or how to set it to create a reverse roll. I think I will have to give some techniques slightly more practise yet though!
I think this page below features the hair of my dreams, look at the pageboy on the top right!
Of course when I reached the page with Gene Tierney AND Lauren Bacall on, I was completely sold
It even reveals some of best tips of the day used by Hollywood studios to conceal and camouflage any imperfections. I definitely studied this page for a while and was amazed with how the most subtle alterations can seriously conceal a range of flaws!
At the end of the book, there are a few pages explaining how to authentically accessorise a hairstyle, with flowers, bows, ribbons and much more. Another favourite section gives a few ideas for 'Career Girls'. As a vintage girl through and through, I dress 'vintage' all of the time, and really enjoyed getting a few more ideas of how to create an authentic but professional vintage hairstyle for every day.
 I have found it to be incredibly inspiring! It is more than a simple tutorial book, reading more like a reference guide. Modern day methods are acknowledged, such as curling tongs, but it also suggests techniques that have worked since the forties to emulate the same styles. I am potentially being a vintage snob, but I love learning the 'proper' way to style my hair as I really do believe that the old techniques work best. Great quality pictures of forties models provide much better inspiration than Google Images or Pinterest (dare I say?!) and so I am very happy with my purchase.
Have you got this book? It is a bargain on Amazon too so I would definitely recommend you picking one up!
Hannah xxx