Wednesday, 31 July 2013

One For The Weekend

As much as I love living in Brighton and having such a wonderful amount of vintage right on my doorstep (as lethal to my purse as brilliant to my wardrobe), every now and again it is amazing to see what the areas just outside of the city have to offer.

Step forward Lewes. A beautiful town nestled amongst the Downs, it is steeped in heritage and makes for wonderful viewing through the Charity Shops and Boutiques. A short bus or train ride away, it is so worth a visit to get some country air and change of scenery. At the top of the hill (it is worth the short but steep walk) is Lewes Flea Market, on Market Street. Open 7 days a week, there are stalls a plenty full of trinkets, homewares and affordable furniture. Unbelievably, the only day it is closed is Christmas Day!

Generally, furniture is located upstairs or in the back room. I recommend you take a look at the stalls upstairs as their latest stall holder is my boyfriend! Over the past few months we have hunted around the South to collect the cream of the crop in terms of contemporary and classic mid century design perfect for filling your home with. I have found it very difficult to resist the temptation to force him to keep it all and could very easily and quickly end up on one of those hoarder programmes.

Have you been to Lewes Flea Market yet? I would love to hear what your favourite finds have been, or what you would love to find!
Hannah xxx