Monday, 3 December 2012

Day Three!

Hello everyone!

I must start by thanking all my new followers on Twitter! It really means a lot and I have made sure to check out each and every one of your posts on there. So a big thank you!

Today I have been talking about Christmas as a child. I really did love nothing more than waking up at 6am to drag everyone out of bed to open and play with my presents! The best feeling is when you finish making or have spent hours occupied by the new presents. Whilst I am still just as grateful for any gifts given to me now, often I feel a nostalgic, childish sense of excitement when I open a present that I can enjoy there and then between the Christmas specials and food!

One of the nicest presents that can fulfill my nostalgic dreams is a good book. You can put your new pj's and slippers on, and cuddle up with a good book! Whether fact or fiction, hours of enjoyment are guaranteed. As the years have gone on, I have become a big fan of non fiction books that can inspire some yuletime vintage beauty!

On my list this year is the book below, Style Me Vintage by Belinda Hay. I would particularly like the Hair book, as it shows step by step tutorials on how to create different iconic hairstyles from over the eras, as well as lists of products and equipment needed. I feel I am quite quick at picking up how to do particular styles, especially from YouTube tutorials, however I do feel quite stuck in a rut with my different variations on victory rolls and would love to learn how to do something a bit different!

There is also a Clothes version of this book, which is a guide on how to source and create retro looks. Hours of fun are guaranteed I think, and what beautiful books for the bedside table too.
A firm favourite book of mine is by my skincare saviour, Liz Earle. Whilst this is not a vintage style read, it has so many answers, that most importantly work (!), to all skin and body care dilemas.

 Liz Earle products are completely natural and proven formulas that are non irritating for skin, and do exactly what they say! I have always struggled to find skincare that works but doesn't somehow impact my skin otherwise, for instance, some gets rid of any spots but in turn completely dry my skin out. I have not had any of these problems since using Liz Earle products.
In this book, Liz goes into detail behind her motives behind the brand, but then goes on to suggest helpful skin and body care tips for all ages, ways to pamper yourself naturally and look after your entire body, through food, oils and sun protection.
All us vintage beauties strive for a porcelain complexion, and this book really contains some helpful advice for how to really look after ourselves. The formulas used have also proven the test of time, and are probably nearer to what the beauties of the forties and fifties actually used on their skin!
Another great treat for all us vintage lovers is a magazine subscription. Whilst it doesn't fill the time on Christmas day, I love receiving my monthly magazine through the post and sitting down to read it from cover to cover with a big mug of tea! At this time of year, lots of magazines are offering a present when you subscribe too! Here are some of my favourites:
-Vintage Life. This is a monthly magazine that really does detail all aspects of vintage life. It also has an events calendar and lots of advertisements in so that you can keep track of lots of different events and companies around the country. Produced up north in Congleton, it is especially great for notherners as it contains a lot of the information for the northern vintage scene. If you subscribe this month, you also receive It's a Wonderful Life on DVD!
-Vintage Explorer. A really informative and packed magazine that Brighton's very own Jo-Ann Fortune (editor of is on the editorial team for. It also features an events calendar that is based more around the South. A subscription to this magazine is definitely on my list this year!
Quite a long post this evening, however I think a great, informative book comes around few and far between. These books really do go into detail and show you exactly how to create the looks you want, and do more than tell you to go to a charity shop or flea market!
I hope you have enjoyed reading this post, please let me know of any other books or magazines that you would suggest!
With love from Brighton,
Hannah xxx