Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Some Inspiration

Over the Christmas period I have been absolutely hooked on the period dramas that have been on the BBC. For me, Christmas is all about settling on the sofa with the Quality Street, getting gripped by an amazing drama and gaining some fantastic style inspiration at the same time.

Boxing Day brought 'The Girl', about Tippi Hendren, Alfred Hitchcocks' muse and obsession who was played by the beautiful Sienna Miller. The drama is set in the early sixties, and Tippi is the ultimate starlet; a blonde bombshell in her flattering and classy belted wiggle dresses like above.  I noticed that her make up was very simple. Hitch recommends, perhaps through personal preference, that she always wears a girly sheer pink lipstick which I feel is very typical of the early sixties, as the bright pink of the fifties began to evolve with the change in eras. I also noticed that she either has beautiful long eyelashes naturally, or there were individual fake lashes applied to the outer corners of the eyes to give a flirty, sexy look. Other than that there wasn't much more make up, perhaps a small bit of brown eyeliner smudged in. I just love the effortless beauty and glamour that Sienna has taken from Tippi herself.


Some divine Wartime inspiration came from two part drama Restless. Based on William Boyd's novel, this added some suspense and a little history lesson to my Christmas! The beautiful, curvaceous Hayley Atwell plays Eva Delectorskaya, a British spy. I am obsessed and amazed by women who were spies in wartime. The intelligence, glamour and guts of these heroines is something I aspire to even now and how integral they were to our wartime effort is so commendable. I particularly love the resilience of these ladies; the attitude towards women was so different and nowhere near as equal as it is today, yet they defied any preconceptions and proved themselves time and time again.

I have become slightly obsessed with the style in this drama over the past days, with my hair seeming to be in rollers for longer than it is out! I love every part of the look you see in this drama, right down to the hats and silk vintage underwear. I have done some research and believe that the styling for this drama was based on Rita Hayworth in Gilda, so that film is at the top of my shopping list to get even more inspiration.

Over the next couple of days I imagine that I will begin to frustrate my boyfriend even more by watching it all again on Iplayer! I definitely have some reading and watching to do now, and I highly recommend that you check both of these dramas out this New Years Day if you are suffering on the sofa!

I would also love to know what you thought if you watched either of these over Christmas, or if you can recommend anything else for me to watch or read!
Wishing you a gorgeous and glamourous 2013,
Lots of love,
Hannah xxx