Sunday, 20 January 2013

A Truly Vintage Winters Look

Whilst many may complain about the influx of the snow over the last few days, I have to admit I have been a very excited vintage loving girl as it means I can get some of my favourite vintage pieces out!

This coat was given to me by my Mum, who found it in a charity shop around 2 years ago for a steal at £10! It is 60% cashmere, 28% wool and 12% polyester, so incredibly warm but I love the history that it holds. I believe it has a very forties shape to it, and has a very old label in it which says 'Lillian Smith of Lord Street, Southport'. My family is originally from Southport, and I even used to live on Lord Street! My Mum also showed the coat to my Grandma, who said that both her and her mum (my great grandma) used to shop there! I truly feel honoured to be wearing such a quality garment that holds so much history for my own family. I love vintage clothing as I am so fascinated by the history and stories that the clothes hold, and here is my own real life piece to hang onto. I can maybe even pass it on to my own daughter one day.

It certainly has come in useful this weekend in keeping me warm!

Here is the coat. My scarf is from Urban Outfitters and my shoes vintage from Snoopers Paradise in Brighton
My dress is a vintage reproduction from New Look
The above photos were taken just before we headed to Brighton Swing Thing. It was a great night, with lots of drinking and dancing...what could be better! We then took a stroll in the snow this afternoon, the coat got another wearing, but with quite a few more layers crammed underneath!

My lipstick here is MAC Ruby Woo

Peekaboo boyfriend...
I am now very happy to be back in the warmth with a roast cooking! Hope you have all had a fabulous weekend,
Lots of love,
Hannah xxx