Sunday, 13 January 2013

My Dollydagger Photoshoot

You may have noticed that I haven't said very much about my Dollydagger photoshoot, but finally the time has come where I can reveal all! I have been a very busy bee over the last few weeks, as I have also been writing a piece for Dolly's Diary, the blog on the Dollydagger website. If you would like to check it out, all you have to do is click here! Don't forget to take a look at their gorgeous selection of clothes!

I am increasingly amazed by the number of comments and compliments that the photos are receiving  on the Dollydagger Facebook page. I really recommend you check the album 'Hannah's first shoot' out, there are a few more here from behind the scenes. It is absolutely unbelievable that it is my face  in all those amazing pictures!

I just wanted to give all of my blog readers a little insider information about how the talented stylists, Simon Webster and Alessia Mancini, created the look.

The gorgeous lipstick (that lasted all day after only one application and a sandwich!) was a mixture of two MAC classics. Russian Red was applied to my entire lips, gradually building it up to increase the intensity and staying power of the lipstick. To give it an extra special kick, a little Ladydanger was added, and blended, to the centre of my lips which made them appear even fuller than usual! My skin was made to look absolutely flawless by another MAC product, their Studio Fix Foundation. This foundation had quite a full coverage, but felt so light and also lasted all day on my combination skin. Definitely some make up wishlists here, roll on payday so I can run down to MAC!

My hair was prepped by using fantastic Bumble & Bumble products. Simon is an expert on the benefits of all these, and they really delivered too, as my hair was still perfect by the day after! It was then pin curled, and when they cooled completely, the pins were very carefully removed. Whilst it would be very easy to panic at the tight 1800's esque curls, some gentle brushing out with a boar brush calms everything down and you have gorgeous curls before you know it. My hair was then pinned behind my left ear, with the curls peeping out below it. All that was required throughout the day was some quick backcombing and I was good to go!

I am now going to stock up on these products and get practising, I am determined to try and look half as good in real life now!

Hope you enjoy the pictures,
Hannah xxx