Wednesday, 16 January 2013

High Street Offerings

More and more now I stay well away from the big names on the high street. Whilst you can be pretty confident in finding something, the idea of spending quite a lot of money on something that a lot of people will have slightly discourages me from making a purchase. Call me a typical, emotional woman spender, but in my books, it really is all about the experience. I particularly love vintage shopping in Brighton. As I delve deeper into the Lanes, I become immersed into the atmosphere and filled with determination to find a vintage treasure of my own. Suddenly, trailing around the chains on Western Road seems a million miles away.

However, I decided to go against my usual habits and sample what the high street has to offer, as I was very kindly given vouchers for Topshop and River Island for Christmas.

I began my search in Topshop. Upon entering I was greeted by rows of sales rails...score! This excitement quickly diminished into feelings of dismay when I looked a bit closer and discovered these were for sizes 8 and 10. I am a size 12, and found a smaller rail towards the back for sizes 12 and 14! I wasn't impressed, and there wasn't a great selection so out I went.

I then hot footed it over to River Island to see what they had to offer. I find River Island to be very hit or miss, I have had some of my favourite day dresses from here but there are also some not so great clothes in there. This time though, my luck was in!

I had £20 to spend and have to say, I think I did pretty well! I first saw a black pencil skirt reduced from £25 to £10. It is size 12, and fits down to just below my kness, my favourite length! I think it can look so chic; it can be dressed down with a jumper and brogues on a cold winters day, or dressed up to give a shapely look in the evening. I then had a look at the accessories for my remaining ten pounds. I have previously purchased my favourite Pretty Polly seamed stockings from here in the past, but it seems they have stopped stocking them in favour of the perhaps more popular patterned ones. However, I was very pleased to find three lovely pairs of retro inspired earrings that made up my remaining money. The Sugar Skull and old school heart earrings were £4 each and the pearls £2.

Off I went a very happy girl, and then made a few cheeky purchases in HMV (this post was written before the news of its sad closure!). As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, Some Inspiration, I loved the styling in two recent BBC dramas, Restless and The Girl. I was lucky enough to find a Hitchcock boxset and Gilda (the inspiration behind the styling in Restless) for £6 each so snapped them up too!

Now just to decide what to watch first...
Until my next post,
Lots of love,
Hannah xxx