Friday, 11 January 2013

Some Holiday Ideas

After an entire twelve months without an official 'holiday', I am very keen to get some plans and holidays booked for the upcoming year. I have taken to scrolling the internet and even braving to utter phrases such as "it's only £250 for three nights", like some millionaire, which I am not.

The tough decision comes to whether to go abroad. I am increasingly desperate to feel the sun on my very pasty skin, even more when I can hear the rain pounding against my poor windows. However I struggle to decide where, and what kind of holiday, it is that I want. I have tried the all-inclusive sun filled week and found myself bored and saw far too many children for my liking. Equally, the self catering, exploring holiday seems like it would be quite hard work, but very fun and would guarantee some great experiences. In my dreams, I would love to go off inter-railing for a month or so. Jumping on a train and travelling all over Europe, planning the journey as I go would be incredible. Unfortunately, reality hits me once I start looking at the finer details, and I realise I neither have the money nor time allowed off work to let me have such a holiday.

That's when I start looking in this country. Like any vintage loving girl, I crave the idea of something different, unusual and any added kitsch is a bonus. That is where I stumbled across the website Vintage Vacations which promises English Charm in retro Airstreams from the sixties, or seaside chic in renovated Beach Shacks or Scout Huts. My favourite is the gorgeous 1954 Spartanette, seen below...

1954 Vintage Spartanette Caravan

Oh how I would love to be sat there...
Another wishlist destination is the amazing Goodwood Revival 13-15th September 2013. This event would suit both my boyfriend and I down to an absolute T with all of the cars and vintage frolicking, so we have both dreamed of visiting for years. We have been looking this evening, and have been considering visiting for just the Saturday, spending the Friday and Sunday evening in a nearby hotel. Unfortunately this seems to be everybody's idea, and most are either very expensive or booked up. If anyone spots a local available hotel please please please let me know! Otherwise my boyfriend will be playing chauffeur!
Do you have any British stay-cations planned? I would love to hear about them!
Lots of love,
Hannah xxx