Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Spring Forward

The past week in Brighton has been lifted by decidedly more sun than we have seen for a good few months. The relief of going to, and leaving work to daylight is quite something after what feels like a winter in sheer darkness. With that the urge to explore always comes over me, so on Sunday we made the most of our day saver bus tickets and explored Brighton!

Our first stop was a cold and windy morning at Brighton Flea Market, held at the Marina every Sunday from 7am-12pm. Those poor traders must be hardy souls braving that wind all morning, it didn't take long before the cravings for the burger van took over, and I had a bacon sandwich in hand!
However we didn't spend all morning just eating...we found some wonderful bargains too! I initially fell in love with some vintage spectacles for £10, however a quick try on brought much disappointment when they were too small. As with all flea markets, there are many questionable items (I am baffled how you would pay £1 for half a bottle of tabasco sauce) but there are diamonds out there too.
Our first purchase was a Bush Radio for £15. It is not as old as we hoped, probably a replica but a working replica nonetheless and it has pride of place in our living room. Next up, a wooden fireguard with the most beautiful ship painting on it. We plan to hang it somehow on our wall, that one can be a task for my boyfriend.

We then hot footed (or buss-ed) it over to Blatchington Road in Hove, a favourite Sunday hotspot for us with charity and vintage shops a plenty. We nipped into Department, a little treasure chest that has everything from furniture to toys to clothes. My boyfriend got a lovely fleece lined denim jacket and I nearly ended up with another handbag. Next up was a trip into the wonderful Bobby and Dandy. This is such a fantastic, well stocked, quality vintage shop. You can tell how carefully they source their clothes as I want everything in there! I decided to treat myself to a wonderful pair of leather tassle heels as my favourite vintage brogues are being worn into the ground. For £15 I was very happy with my new shoes!

Hope you all had a nice weekend!
Hannah xxx