Friday, 19 October 2012

I've been nominated!

Hello everyone,

So a rainy and miserable day off work has quickly turned around... I found out I have been nominated for a Liebster Award! Thank you so much to Lauren, from Scarlet Realm for the nomination!

This award is for new and upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. To accept the award I have to write 11 facts about myself so here we go...

1. I am terrified of birds and would happily cross the road to avoid one!

2. I work full time for a high street bank

3. I met the Queen when I was 8

4. My day has to start with a strong cup of tea

5. I have a horse

6. In eight days I am 21!

7. My boyfriends name is Joe

8. My best friend lives in Newcastle...a very long way from Brighton!

9. I am obsessed with Gossip Girl, Mad Men, Great British Bake Off and One Born Every Minute.

10. I am an avid Liverpool FC supporter

11. This took me a very long time to write!

And my eleven questions to answer are...

1. Where was your favourite holiday as a child?

As a child we went on holiday to Guernsey for a week which was absolutely brilliant. I have never been back but would love to revisit. The beautiful Petit Bot beach and St Peters Port are must sees.

2. What is your favourite meal?

I am a massive massive foody so where do I begin?! I definitely live to eat. It would have to be a classic Bacon Butty, or Bangers and Mash.

3. What is your favourite cocktail?

Long Island Ice Tea mmmmmmmmmm or Amaretto Sours yum yum yum!

4. What scares you?

I absolutely hate birds. Living in Brighton there are pigeons and seagulls everywhere which is my worst nightmare! The idea of possibly being touched by one really freaks me out which is a bit strange! I also am really not good with heights.

5. What are you doing for Halloween?

We don't have any plans yet, but there will definitely be some pumpkin carving and I may just end up eating some halloween sweets!

6. What is your goal for 2013?

To have a better year. 2012 has not been a good year for my family and I can't wait for things to get better next year.

7. Who is your inspiration?

My lovely lovely mum. She has recently had a terrible accident and her perseverance and humour throughout it all is so inspirational and fills me with pride. She is stylish, funny, caring and intelligent which is everything I wish to be.

8. What makes you laugh?

I must admit for having a slightly crude sense of humour, I will blame my northern roots! I love a bit of sarcasm too. I think the grim north inspires you to have a sense of humour to get through the cold!

9. What makes you cry?

I do cry easily. A lot of tv makes me cry! The Olympics was a very emotional time for me as I often found myself with a tear for our gold medallists.

10. What inspires you in your blog?

I have been reading blogs for such a long time now and only recently got the courage to begin my own. A new start in my life with the move to Brighton, I thought what a great opportunity to document my discovery of all things vintage here. I also love the idea of being able to look back and see an almost diary of my feelings and where I have been. I am often frustrated with trying to find a decent and accurate review, tutorial, guide to what to do... I hope to be a point of reference of all things retro and vintage in Brighton.

11. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I would absolutely love to go interrailing and we are thinking of going next summer around Italy and the South of France. I would also love to travel down the East Coast of America to Chicago, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Mississippi and Texas. I love the music from around there and think it would be an amazing holiday. Whilst a beach holiday is lovely and relaxing I am more of a get up and go girl and an adventure woiuld be brilliant. Hint hint Joe!

I would like to nominate...


I hope I have done this right!

Hannah xxx