Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Dollydagger Model Search 2013

The time has arrived; it is officially nearly one whole year since I won the Dollydagger Model Search! Hasn't it flown!
I entered the competition a devout vintage lover, but perhaps lacking the confidence to embed it into my life completely. A month or so before the competition opened, I had the chance to have some pictures taken of me and thought that I may as well give the competition a go, never thinking that I would come anywhere near winning. New to Brighton, and not really knowing very many people due to moving around quite a lot over the past few years, I really didn't even think that I stood a chance. Never mind the fact that I am only 5"3 and by no means a model!
Here is my original entry...
 Never did I imagine that I would win and end up seeing myself looking like this...
Dollydagger Dita dress in black
Fancy entering the 2014 competition then?! Read on...
Dollydagger model competition
Entries open from 23rd September, with voting running from 1st to 31st October. To enter, e-mail a full-length photograph and headshot, both taken within the last three months, along with a favourite photo of your choice and a written statement or video explaining why you want to win to modelsearch@dollydagger.co.uk.

Voting over Facebook will decide on the top 8 finalists, who all win prizes worth £50. The overall winner will win a 12 month modelling contract, and prizes from each shoot of up to £200! This lucky lady will be chosen by a panel consisting of Emma Ayres, Simon Flamson (manager of the Brighton based store), photographer Toby Amies and (drumroll please)...me!

Those of you wondering whether or not to enter...do it! This has not only been an amazing opportunity to wear some seriously fabulous dresses, but has also give me the chance to meet some really lovely people. A year ago, I would have never dreamt that I would be confident enough to wear vintage every day, write a blog and have met so many like minded people. I'm just going to try not to shed a tear when I hand over the reins to the next winner!
I can't wait to see your entries,
Hannah xxx