Friday, 25 October 2013

Pin Curl Setting Styles

Normally a complete rollers enthusiast, it takes a lot to persuade me to try a different setting technique! I stumbled across these 'Hollywood Hairstyles- and how to do it yourself' guides, which even show how to get some of our favourite Golden Era Gals' do's.
These techniques are all done by a Pin Curl set. To roll a pin curl, take your strand of hair that you wish to curl, give it a spray (or three) of setting lotion and comb it through. Pinch the hair between your thumb and index finger, then make a loop using your other hand and roll the hair up the head. Clip it into place with two crossed Kirby grips and your are away! Just ensure that you use the same amount of hair to get uniform curls! I find this tutorial from Vixen Vintage particularly useful.
I decided to use this Lauren Bacall tutorial as I am continually looking to perfect my Pageboy!
For once in my life, I made sure to follow the instructions exactly, and was SO pleased with the results. When I do my usual roller set, I am always pleased with the front but never quite achieve the back quite how I would like it. It seems like the pin curl method gets perfection! Please excuse the dodgy lighting of my flat (I really do hope my hair isn't two toned like it looks!) but here are the results...

I also found quite a few other techniques, I just need to decide which to try next!


I think this (above) would create the ultimate Betty Grable look in Pin Up Girl!

Which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter (@ABrightonBelle_)
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