Sunday, 20 October 2013

Vintage in Brighton- Charity Shop Who's Who

As my purse strings seem to get tighter and tighter every month, I am continually finding myself browsing and buying in Charity Shops. I am lucky in that I have three right at the top of my road that each have something a little different, in fact I rarely stray further afield!
First up is the British Heart Foundation on Western Road, near to Waitrose. It seems that every time I go in here, I walk out with something! Expect to find plenty of clothing, with the shop sectioned into tops, skirts, trousers, dresses etc. There is currently a great knitwear selection in there at the moment. I must admit that this is one of my favourite charity shops as you will often find original vintage in here! Delve deeper into the shop and you will find a few small but well stocked homeware shelves. More often trinkets and smaller homeware items, these shelves often turn up trumps.


Turning right out of there, if you can make it past Sally's beauty supplies next door (where they sell super strong hairspray and Crazy Colour semi permanent hair dye), you will reach Oxfam. Always with a beautiful window display, inside there are always lots of dresses to browse through. There is currently a wonderful array of winter coats to choose from. I have had quite a lot of luck in here recently as they seem to have added more knitwear and skirts to their stock. I always find there to be a good selection of menswear in here too. Upstairs you can even find records!

Crossing the road, you will find the Martlets Furniture shop next to Taj. Whilst they do stock clothes, I am most impressed with their collection of furniture in here. With this shop in particular, I find it best to go in there as often as possible as it seems that stock regularly changes around. There is a huge array of wool and knitting needles, as well as books too!

Heading further into the centre of Brighton, I always make a beeline for the Martlets Shop on Church Road, near to the Corn Exchange. This outlet specialises in Vintage, and even has its own Instagram and Twitter feed! Search for 'vintagemartlets' on Instagram and @Martletsshops on Twitter. I am always spoilt for choice in this store! They are even having their very own Vintage Me Christmas Fair on 30th November at the Unitarian Church. I think it will be dangerous for the old purse strings but all for a good cause!

Do you recommend any other charity shops around Brighton? I am yet to let loose on George Street in Hove, and believe London Road is also promising!
Hannah xxx