Sunday, 23 March 2014

Late Forties Do's

Hello again everyone, I'm back with what is turning into my monthly blog post! Oops!

I just wanted to share some images that have been inspiring me recently. With tax year end/start chaos taking over my work life, I must admit that I have been far too tired and lazy to be setting my hair of an evening. Instead, I have become slightly obsessed with late 1940's/early 1950's fun updo's- isn't it nice to simply put all your hair on top of your head and forget about it for a while! Here I am attempting a bit of a poodle...

I found this 'do surprisingly easy to style. I firstly curled the longest pieces of my hair with curling tongs, and then pin curled them to set whilst I put my make up on. Once they were definitely cool I gently separated the curls and pinned my hair up all around my crown. The poodle pretty much formed itself, but required a bit of pinning to keep the curls in place. I used this beautiful picture of Rita Hayworth as my inspiration.

Todays 1940s hair and Makeup Inspiration from Rita Hayworth

Here are some of my other favourites that I hope to try soon...

Janet Blair <3 1940’s

Ida Lupino #hair #vintage #1940s

A thickly plaited wreath of hair. 1940s updo.

I also have quite an obsession with turbans too, as I mentioned on one of my last posts. I love this simple picture of Lucille Ball.

Lucille Ball 1941 - I really like this picture of Lucy, no glamour or glitz. Just Lucy, beautiful.

And finally a little outfit picture...

I would love to know what is inspiring you as Spring approaches!

Hannah xxx