Monday, 31 December 2012

New Years Eve!

New Years Eve is here, the vodka jelly is in the fridge and I have just returned from a last minute dress hunt. All that's left to do is tidy up, my nails, decorate the flat...eeek, for we are having a flat party.

The Christmas season here has been a very busy one, with trips up north to visit my family, a few days in West Sussex to visit my boyfriends family, and now my brother is staying with us! I have had a wonderful time, however am in denial about the fact I go back to work on Wednesday. Noooooooo...! Even more reason for a great party.

In the past I have found New Years Eve to be a big disappointment. I get so excited, and dream of being at an extravagent ball or boat party on the Thames, but in reality they have mostly been nights in a pub or at a friends house, with everyone just waiting for the fireworks to begin on tv! One day I WILL get my Cinderella moment...

In the meantime I will have to cope with the reality of everyday life (I jest)...My quick shopping trip this morning consisted of a rushed visit to Topshop as I was given some vouchers for Christmas. I am not normally one for Topshop, the sizes can be very strange and all seem geared for tall, straight up and down people, however I struck gold when I browsed through the sale and saw a very cute little dress sat all on its own crying out to me. I wanted a dress that wasn't too dressy, but still enough to get me into the party spirit. I found a black shirt dress that has the sweetest pattern, elbow length sleeves and finishes just above the knee, reduced to £30 from £55, so I snapped it up. I will post a picture on Twitter later when I am all ready!

I love this whimsical pattern all over the dress.
I was quite amazed at how quickly I had found a dress. I had imagined trekking around the shops all day having a nightmare, so something is bound to go wrong today! I then had a sneaky look in Primark, and picked up this lovely vest for £4.99 I think. It has a sweetheart neckline, removable straps and a built in bra, so I imagine I will wear this lots with a cardigan and skirts or trousers.
I then rushed home before any more impulse purchases happened!
I have began setting my hair to give a more 1940's look so I will upload a tutorial soon to show how I do it! You may have already seen the picture that I posted on my Twitter, it gives a lovely vintage look and lasts for days.
Have a wonderful evening and I wish all of you the very best for 2013! This year has been a very emotional, sad one and my family have really had a tough time this year. Things are looking up now, so hopefully 2013 can bring more luck and happiness for everyone.
Happy New Year!
Lots of love,
Hannah xxx