Sunday, 2 December 2012

And on the Second Day of Christmas...

Hello everyone!

On this cold Sunday I thought I would give you an insight into my essential pieces in my make up bag. I absolutely am a make up junkie, and have been from my younger days when I would wear purple eyeshadow to school...hey I still even have some now!

Over the months, I find myself continually buying the same products and never becoming any less satisfied with the outcome that they give. I am happy to pay the more expensive prices as I think the right product first of all works, and generally lasts for much much longer than a cheaper alternative. I am also someone who will try to find the cheaper option, but be unimpressed and then maybe spend up to four times as much trying to find a more effective product, only to end up going back to the expensive option that I know works!

With my make up in general, I strive to get a natural look and will sometimes accentuate certain features, such as my eyes OR lips. My mum told me years ago, 'eyes or lips but never both' and it certainly is true! I find that a strong lip looks so much more distinctive with a very natural eye and vice versa. Often when you draw attention to both eyes and lips, focus can be lost and it can just look rather overpowing and just like you have a lot of make up on! I will often wear a red lip/flicked eyeliner when my skin isn't so great- I conceal my skin to give as clear of a canvas as possible, then draw attention to a feature, which in turn draws attention away from my bad skin.

Anyway, here goes with my make up bag favourites!

(I apologise for the messiness of my foundation!)
I will begin with my foundation brush at the forefront of the picture. Before buying this brush, I had been on the search for the ultimate foundation brush for perhaps about 5 years?! This is the Real Techniques Stippling Brush, available in Boots and even from Ocado for around £12! I think it has changed my life. The brush is very comfortable to hold, with very very soft bristles. It has a flat top which I find makes it very easy to blend in the foundation and also ensures that you don't have a super heavy coverage. The bristles are quite well spaced out at the top, which means you can also build up your foundation to increase the coverage without going from natural to caked in one step!
Next is my amazing foundation. I think this is my absolute favourite of all my make up. I use Lancome Teint Miracle in shade 001 which is available in all department stores, Boots etc for £26 I think. The bottle has a glass lid, which pulls off to reveal a pump dispenser which minimises wasteage. This foundation leaves a lovely dewy finish but also has a medium, but buildable, coverage. I find that one small pump can easily be enough to brighten the complexion and cover any blemishes, but it can be built up to a very full coverage for a night out. I have combination/sensitive skin that can be dry and oily (brilliant!) depending on the time of year, and I find this is absolutely fine year round. I use this foundation daily, and one coat in the morning lasts well all day without any topping up. My mum also uses this foundation, proving it looks great on all skin types and ages! 

The small black pot you can see next is my MAC longlasting liquid eyeliner. I previously used a gel liner with a separate brush, however my greasy eyelids meant that I was getting a mark on my eye socket from where it was imprinting, so I switched to the liquid eyeliner and it works a treat! I used to find with gel liner that after a day of wear, the line would have moved slightly and not looked as sharp as it did immediately after application, however no worries with this one as it really stays put! A brush is fitted to the lid that allows it to be drawn on easily and it really does not budge, so much so, that I have had to buy a special oil based cleanser it order to get it off in the evening! The secret to applying this is a pot of cotton buds on hand to quickly make any takes a little longer to dry meaning that you can quickly get rid of any slips of hand. You just have to remember to let it dry fully before moving on with your make up application.

My next staple item is Maybelline's iconic Great Lash mascara. This really is a vintage beauty classic that has lasted the test of time! First developed in the seventies, it has been a popular choice with women worldwide since. Another tip from my clever Mum who has also been using this as far back as I can remember, it really does not move either and works a treat on your lashes and purse, at only £4.99! Get it girls!

Last, but most definitely not least, is a recent purchase that has quickly become a firm favourite. This is a MAC Pro Longwear eyeshadow in the shade Always Sunny. I previously would have steered well clear from what can only be described as orange eyeshadow, however it somehow seems to neutralise my eyelids and makes my eyes look incredibly green! It also lasts all day and can be blended in the crease to add definition, and below the eyes at the outer corner to add a smokier look. I would advise all you green eyed girls to get this on your Christmas list...I can guarantee that it will make your eyes stand out beautifully.

One item that I have never really found a favourite in is blusher. I am naturally very fair with pale skin and rosy cheeks, but I don't always want to have bright pink cheeks. Can any of you recommend any for me to try? Please comment below or Tweet me @ABrightonBelle_ you can just click on the bird on the right hand side to go straight to my Twitter!

I hope you have enjoyed the post and have a few ideas for something you would like to try. I have not included any of my favourite lip products due to my previous post on my favourite lipsticks, which you can find here! I am tempted to do a video of me applying these products to create a classic vintage look... keep reading to see if I am brave enough!

With lots of love from Brighton,
Hannah xxx