Sunday, 11 August 2013


Last weekend, the whole of Brighton turned into party central as it was the turn of Brighton Pride! I went out with the lovely Danielle of Daniella Christina fame, and we met up with fellow blogger Hayley of Vintage Vessel at The Black Dove at the top of St James Street where you can regularly find Hayley DJing every Saturday night. If you ever go here, I recommend you check out the extremely decadent and lavish downstairs, we certainly made the most of our surroundings with an impromptu few photos!

We decided to dress up in our vintage finery and celebrate in our style, vintage glam! I turned to my trusty wardrobe staples, a Collectif Dress and Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes. It had been a hot day so I decided against the seamed stockings; however I was regretting my choice a few hours later as my feet were killing! Seamed stockings always save the day in the old Viv’s!
I embraced my inner Carmen Miranda/Betty Grable with my hair, creating a range of victory rolls on top of my head for an updated poodle style. This not only covered my outrageous roots but was a really easy style with the help of my latest purchase, 1940's Hairstyles. I took on a slight bit of the rainbow theme with an assortment of flowers pinned in my hair. I bought these one early morning at Brighton Marina Boot Sale where there was a stall selling a range of beautiful haberdashery. These were cards of 12 flowers for a pound each, so I snapped up two cards of Pink and Yellow flowers. They come with flexible metal legs which slide easily into your hair then can be securely attached with a Kirby grip or two. It was a great style for a warm evening as it was lovely to have all my hair out of the way for a change; normally I am worrying about my set dropping! I have also been wearing this non stop in the warm, sunny days that we have been having.
There is another great look in my new book, which incorporates a French twist with flowers hiding the join. I think I shall be trying that one out next!
Have a lovely weekend,
Hannah xxx