Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Emmaus Vintage and Retro Emporium

Another sunny day (could summer ACTUALLY be here?!) caused for another bike ride. Can anyone tell I'm on a mission to lose some flab?! Anyway, back to the point. We rode our bikes over to Emmaus in Portslade Old Village to check it out after everyone we know telling us how fantastic it is there. It's safe to say that they were right- what a treasure chest! We first visited their Vintage and Retro Emporium.

Quite literally a bedroom from heaven

The Vintage and Retro Emporium hall is stunning
As much as I love the vintage scene that Central Brighton has to offer, I definitely notice a difference when I head slightly further out of town. There is generally lots more choice and sometimes I am even lucky enough to find items for slightly cheaper! Here you can expect tons of reasonably priced furniture to kitsch home wares and trinkets a plenty! Everything has a sticker on it marking the price, with the most expensive being £5 and all furniture is labelled. I really was overwhelmed by the quality and incredibly reasonable prices. What a fantastic cause to donate to, whilst also bagging a beautiful bargain.
Say hello to our new display cabinet!

For those without a way to collect the item, don't worry. Emmaus can help with delivery and charged us a mere £5 to deliver from their store to Central Brighton.
There is also the Second Hand Superstore, full of more furniture (including one Utility Wardrobe I was determined to get my hands on), lots of home wares, pictures and general bric-a-brac that I love browsing through. I managed to bag myself what appears to be a Lucite necklace and very beautiful diamond and emerald necklace, both for a pound each! I love a bargain.
I also love this jacket that I found, but sadly decided against purchasing it!
Hope you had a lovely day,
Hannah xxx