Thursday, 13 June 2013

Homeward Bound

So long surrounded by dress, suit or shoe inspiration, my desire to have a bedroom reflecting my love of vintage sometimes gets put on the backburner. Continuously visiting flea markets, vintage fairs and charity shops definitely has it perks and every now and then, I snap up a bargain for 'my dream bedroom'. It then ends up sat in the sad.

Whilst my dreams feature an old hospital steel framed bed, Utility Wardrobe and fifties dressing table, I will have to settle with some pretty pictures, mirrors and bed linen for now. I have been wracking my brains for crafty, cheap and creative ways to revamp my bedroom and I think it could be instantly improved by some of my following ideas...
  • I have a plan to make a duvet cover and pillow case for myself with some beautiful fabric. A thrifty option is to make is reversible, perhaps atomic on one side and a ditzy floral pattern on the other?! An even cheaper option is to just make the panel in the middle with the expensive fabric. I have been admiring the fabrics on 20th Century Cloth and Sanderson.
  • Another option is to make some cushions. I love the idea of a simple cushion like in the picture below, with a beautiful forties, dress making pattern esque lady on one, and slick male dreamboat on the other! The bobbles around the outside are so cute. I am tempted to purchase from lovely Brighton based designer, Lisa of Foxy Flamingo who makes beautiful cushions!
  • I love the idea of using a retro drinks tray or serving tray as a way to store my perfume, rings and bits and bobs. A quick look on Ebay reveals many suitable trays!
  • A vintage vanity case or suitcase can be easily picked up in charity shops or flea markets and would be an ideal way to store hats, stockings, gloves and more goodies!
  • I currently store my headscarves and scarfs in a tall glass. This was picked up from Snoopers Paradise in Kensington Gardens for about £10, and is an efficient and pretty way to store and display your finery! Another option is the tall glass sweet jars!
I am busy trying to hunt down trinkets for my new display cabinet, which you can see above. I plan to display my hats in there along with hopefully lots of fabulous finds.

I would love to hear about any of your vintage finds perfect for furnishing your bedroom! Please inspire me more, and maybe I will brave a picture when the transformation is complete.
Hannah xxx