Friday, 7 June 2013

What I Wore

In my previous post I told you about my visit to the Vintage and Retro Emporium at Emmaus in Portslade. I rode my bicycle over there and decided to choose a slightly more sensible outfit than the dresses that I normally end up wearing which are not cycle friendly at all!

I am desperate to be paid as I am hankering after some Freddies of Pinewood Classics, but made do with some Topshop Jeans that I have had for around a year. They are quite sweet with small white polka dots on them, and I like to think they look more fifties when I roll them up to become more of a pedal pusher style. My only problem, as I generally find with all high street brands, is that they just do not fit properly for curvy ladies.
I paired them with my Olivia's from Rocket Originals and Norma Jean top from Freddies of Pinewood.
As we took a breather on the beach, it dawned on me that I was wearing a similar outfit to the young Marilyn Monroe, so couldn't resist the chance to do my own version of the classic Norma Jean shot.

Quite a difference but I would love to try and recreate it properly!
Lots of love,
Hannah xxx