Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Calling a favour to any new readers...

When I lived 'tup north I visited Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair in Chester, and was asked to be snapped for Vintage Life magazine! I then featured in the magazine and went on to do a vintage inspired shoot at Hack Green Nuclear bunker. The amazing photographer Kate Robson organised the shoot and I was lucky enough to get to wear some of the beautiful clothes from Pillbox Vintage. Here are some of the snaps!

                                                                  Strike a pose!                           

Since then I have well and truly got the bug! I have kept an eye out for any other opportunities and recently saw that vintage boutique Dollydagger are looking for a model! I sent in an entry and to my surprise, I have been shortlisted in the Dollydagger Model Search 2012!

I love their boutique in the lanes, it is just off the track of the more 'high street' shops down East Street near the jewellery lanes and has lots of gorgeous clothes in. They are modern takes on classic styles and I highly recommend anyone to go check it out!

The model search competition is done over Facebook and the picture with the most 'likes' wins! If any readers would be absolute angels and vote for me I would be most grateful! You just need to 'like' this photo!

Anyway I think that is enough for one night! I will have to get thinking what to post next!

Much love,

Hannah xxx