Sunday, 12 May 2013

I Want To Ride My Bicycle

A wet and windy Sunday in Brighton left me undefeated and I hit the town with my trusty bicycle. Yesterday I tweeted mentioning that I had purchased a super strong hairspray and I thought the wind was a suitable to test to see if it worked!

I have been a fan of L'Oreal Elnett for years now, and found that it is great when you wish to keep changing and restyling the hair, or for hairstyles less precise than some vintage styles. However, I had recently been looking for a hairspray that will be able to keep a set or tumbling fringe in all day and Elnett wasn't quite doing it for me. I bought Schwarzkopf Silhouette from Sally's on Western Road. The black bottle is the strongest and a 300ml bottle cost me in the region of £5.

What can I say, it certainly worked! It was tested by a battle along the seafront and the picture above was taken afterwards, with everything still in place!
 To do this style I first curl my fringe section with curling tongs, rolling the hair towards my face. I then roll it up into a pin curl, and do my make up whilst it cools! Afterwards, take the pin curl out and gently brush the hair in the direction that you would like it go in. I choose this S shaped style. Gradually take the fringe into sections and back comb gently at the roots on the underside of the fringe-this way the front section (that everyone will see) is completely smooth. Spray a little hairspray onto each of the back combed root sections. When this is all done gently brush them all together to form a magnificent quiff. The little curl at the bottom is really easy to style as it should already be in a little ring from the curling tongs. Just roll and position this wherever takes your fancy, secure with a Kirkby grip, and another blast of hairspray should hold this too. Don't be too alarmed, because the hairspray is so strong, it takes a little longer to dry than normal. Once the more precise bits are all held in place, I then do another spray of hairspray all over the general fringe area to secure any fly away bits!

We had a severe case of jealousy looking at all of the beautiful MGs lined up on Madeira drive!

One thing that didn't work today was my pleated circle skirt, sorry residents of Brighton but you may have caught sight of my undergarments as I whizzed past you!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend,
Hannah xxx