Sunday, 21 October 2012

A quiet Sunday plea for help...

Hello everyone,

How are we all?

We went for a few drinks last night which turned into a proper night out...oops! So today we are having a very quiet one as I think the boyfriend is feeling it a little!

Just a little plea for help from any new readers. At the moment I am competing to become the face of Dollydagger for the next year and need as much help as possible! Votes are made in the form of facebook likes on this photo of please, I would love you forever, if you could take a second and just hit the like button on it. Votes close on 28th October, the top 8 go through and I am very close!

Had a bit of a funny moment last night when a random girl approached me and asked if I was the girl in the Dollydagger competition...I felt famous!

Love to you all,

Hannah xxx