Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Well hello there...

I suppose I had best introduce myself!

My name is Hannah, and I have recently moved to Brighton from 'up north' in the quest for less rain and more vintage beauties!

I have decided to create this blog to show my discoveries as I settle my roots here in Brighton. I have a huge passion for all things vintage and where better to live than here in the middle of it all! I have moved in with my wonderful boyfriend who is a pesky southerner, so he is showing me the ropes and I thought this blog could be a nice way to document as I make the city my own too.

From an early age I have been stealing the fashion supplements from the Sunday papers, 'borrowing' clothes from my mum and spending a fortune on magazines! As I have got older and more independent my own style has developed to realise my love of vintage clothing. Growing up with a spare room full of my mum's dress agency finds, gave many opportunities to dress up in amazing one off pieces that inspire many a shopping spree today!

I now work full time in a bank where I sneak in the odd flick of eyeliner or beehive among the uniform and professionalism. I hope this blog will be a way to show the other side of my personality and enable me to show the amazing culture in Brighton as I settle in.

I hope this is going to be the first of many blog posts, and that everyone enjoys reading and exploring any tips as much as I enjoy finding and writing about them.

Sending love from Brighton

Hannah xxx