Monday, 29 October 2012

It's My Birthday! Celebrations Day 1

Hello again everyone!

I am finally beginning to recover from all my birthday antics, so thought I would let you all see what I got up to!

I took a long weekend off work to fit in as much celebrating as possible! My birthday was on Saturday 27th, but we began on friday with a visit to London for Joe and myself to pick up a very very nice treat!

After what seemed like the longest train journey (damn these 'signalling failures'!) we arrived in London and got ourselves straight over to Harrods. This was my first time visiting and it really is a beautiful building when you emerge from the Tube to it looking all majestic in front of you. I was desperate to check out the MAC Marilyn Monroe collection, however when I rushed in it was all sold out! The colour were beautiful, especially the lipsticks and nail varnishes and all very classic colours. However, I did treat myself to MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick and Redd Lipliner as I have wanted both for so long. We then had a look around, I rushed up to Pet Kingdom but must admit I was disgusted to see the conditions the poor animals were in :(. Even two little rats were clearly desperate to escape; one was frantically trying to dig its way out of the metal cage and the other was trying to bite the metal railings keeping it in! There was also a dog pampering room, and I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I saw a poodle in there with a nappy on! It was very strange!

We then left and headed over to Bond Street for me to make a little collection...

I am a very lucky girl and got treated to a beautiful, classic black Mulberry Bayswater handbag by my parents! This was my 21st Birthday so my parents were very generous and splashed out on a handbag I hope to keep for many many many more years to come. I would love to still have it in the future in beautiful condition, so I am determined to keep it looking in excellent condition but still use it as a day bag to really make the most of it. We then stopped at Lauderee for some delicious macaroons and a pot of tea.

Earlier that morning, I had been frantically hunting for a good place to eat. I really loathe eating in chains where you pay over the odds and could get the exact same experience at home. Unless you are really in the know it is hard to stumble across a great little indepedent restaurant. I then realised fellow blogger Yesterday Girl is from London, and a quick read through her blog and bingo! An Art Deco french restaurant that would indulge my taste buds and our love for good design.

Brasserie Zedel is located on Picadilly Circus just off Shaftesbury Avenue. When you walk in it looks like a classic cafe, but follow the beautiful stairs down underground and the most opulent and retro restaurant, bar and entertainment room are revealed. It felt like we just walked onto a movie set and I can't recommend it enough. The food was absolutely delicious and so reasonably priced! I think a two course meal with 2 alcoholic drinks came to about £32.


I was then treated to a very nice surprise! Joe treated me to my first present, tickets to see Forever Crazy, the show done by the Crazy Horse dancers from Paris! Dita Von Teese has done a show with them before, and Kelly Brook is with them for a week beginning on 1st November. The show is on for quite a while I think, at the South Bank near to the Royal Festival Hall. We had table service which meant a few amarettos went down very nicely! Go check it out, it was amazing! I would love to be able to find somewhere to learn to do Burlesque. Any suggestions?!

We headed home ready for day two of fun! Keep reading...

Lots of love,

Hannah xxx