Thursday, 18 October 2012

Favourite Vintage Finds

Hello everyone!

Just a little post to show some of my favourite vintage finds from various fairs across the country. I must admit a good rummage at a vintage fair or car boot makes the bargain you uncover so much more pleasing!

Whilst some people might say they are a shoe, bag, accessory obsessive, I think I am just completely obsessive for anything! Whatever catches my eye I instantly feel 'I want!' and I quite quickly talk myself into making a sneaky purchase or two.

Despite this, a lot of my favourite finds are accessories. I feel that they are more unique and dare I say, slightly easier to snap up for a reasonably price than a vintage designer dress or jacket.

I will begin with three of my bags...

The small bag on the left was a find from Pillbox Vintage back home in Liverpool. They exhibit at an event called Retro Sundays at Leaf Tea Shop on Bold Street. I love the 'granny chic' style of this bag and although the photo doesn't show, it is slightly smaller so looks very cute and has to be held by hand. It is also in excellent condition and was a bargain for £15.

The second bag was from Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair in Leeds. It is held at the Corn Exchange and has lots of vintage goodies, records and antiques to be found! This bag is also in excellent condition and I love the more sixties style. It has attachments on the top for a strap so has been well used by myself!

This beautiful ostrich skin leather handbag was an absolute steal! It was given to me for free by my boyfriend's Mum for a wedding and she let me keep it! It is beautiful, again in excellent condition and has a lovely suede lining and even has a pocket containing a leather backed mirror for any touch ups!

Next onto the earrings...

The silver earrings on the left are another find from Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair. They are hallmarked sterling silver and you can just make out the stamp of Vivienne Westwood into them. I am so proud of these little beauties! I romantically believe that we were made to be united (!) as I found these in between lots of other jewellery at about 10 minutes before the fair closed. I couldn't believe another eagle eyed person hadn't snapped them up! I enlisted my boyfriend's bartering skills and got these for £35.
The gold earrings to the right are another item close to my heart. Hallmarked vintage Chanel earrings...ahhh I think I could just look at them! These were a very very very nice gift to me from my lovely boyfriend, I am teaching him well!
I think I could just look at these two pairs rather than actually wear them!
I am now hoping to stumble across some little treasure chests in Brighton to find some more!
Do you have any vintage finds that you love? Or any steals or recommendations for places in Brighton? I would love to hear from you.
Lots of love,
Hannah xxx