Saturday, 1 December 2012

And on the first day of Christmas...Day 1!

My true love gave to me.....thankfully no partridges or other birds, but some felt and dragged the sewing machine out for me! Romance!
This will be mine and my boyfriends first Christmas living together, and I think nothing is nicer than decorating the flat knowing the effort that we have put into being extra creative to make it extra special. We can really make it ours, safe in the knowledge that we are saving our money too.
When I moved down here, I brought my fake Christmas tree but no decorations. Having seen the prices of them in the shops, I have decided to get my craft on and make some!
I went to Fabric World on Western Road and purchased:
1m square of red felt
1m square of green felt
50cm square of yellow felt
White strong thread
Cushion filler
This came to a grand total of £12. Whilst, with hindsight, I think I have bought slightly too much fabric, I still don't think this is bad at all considering this will be the majority of our decorations and a few blankets on top! I am also considering going back for some lace to have on the tree instead of tinsel!
I began by drawing out some stencils on card with a marker pen. I chose a stocking, bow, Christmas tree, two different kind of stars and a cirle which will hopefully look like a bauble.

I then cut these stencils out from the card, and drew them onto the felt as you can see below. Before you draw onto the felt, ensure to fold the felt in half, so that when you cut out the shape, you get two identical pieces, so you can stuff them with filler.

Then simply sew the two pieces together, making sure the pause halfway through to put the cushion filler in between. Fill the pocket (that the two pieces of felt create) to about 75% with the filler, so that you have room to sew the remainder back together. You can see a few of mine below! These are just missing the string that I will attach to the top, so they can be hung on the tree next weekend!
I am so excited to get all of the flat decorated! Are any of you getting crafty this Christmas?! I would love to hear! I have a few other plans too, so please keep an eye out for my next posts to see what I make next!
With love from Brighton,
Hannah xxx