Sunday, 9 December 2012

Day 9- A Sore Head!

Hello everyone!

Well last night turned out very well and I had an excellent time, however I am most definitely feeling it today! I was in such a rush and completely forgot to get a picture before I left which I am rather disappointed with myself about! I will have to see if any surface on Facebook as today goes on which could be a little dangerous, lets just say I embraced the Christmas spirit and was very merry!

It really does feel like Christmas is very very soon. Over this weekend we have put our tree up and it is looking spectacular! I posted a picture on Twitter last night of the tree in all its glory. I just need to finish making my own decorations and it will be complete!

We decided to buy a small selection of baubles as well which you can see here. The angel, lights, rocking horse and glittery Christmas tree are all from Berts Home Store on Western Road. I absolutely love that shop and it is so so Christmassy in there! I could quite easily buy everything that is in there.

The remaining ones are all from Butlers at the bottom of North Street. They have a great deal where if you buy four, you get the cheapest one free! My favourite is the vintage Mickey Mouse bauble or the glass reindeer scene, I can't decide!

We are also busy making paper chains to decorate the flat with. We are having a New Years Eve Party (eek) and so I want it all looking very festive and they are a cheap solution which looks great! All you need is lots of red and green paper and some pritt stick. Cut the paper into strips and you can easily make the interlocking loops, before you know it there is metres and metres of the stuff!

Here is our (nearly) finished tree for those that didn't catch the picture on Twitter...

I am now going to watch Elf, have some paracetamol and an early night as I am feeling very sorry for myself! I hope you have a lovely evening!
With love from a hungover Hannah xxx