Sunday, 9 December 2012

Day Eight! Get Ready With Me!

Hello everyone,

Well what a busy busy day I have had! Breakfast out, Christmas tree shopping, candle making and getting ready for tonights Christmas Do, I feel more like putting my feet up than heels on!

I just want to thank every one of you who has been reading my blog and Tweets. I have just logged onto Blogger and had a lovely surprise, I have had the most blog views ever today so thank you!

Tonights post is geared towards getting done up for a glamourous night out. Over the last few weeks, I have gone over my favourite products that really get an excellent result, but tonight we are going to put it all together! The theme for tonights event is Hollywood Glamour, so I am going to make the most of it and show everyone how a vintage girl does glamour!
Polka Dot Dolores Pencil Dress

I am wearing a dress that I chose when I got into the top 8 in the Dollydagger competition. I normally steer clear from quite tight fitting dresses, however I adore this dress and it seems to make my more podgier (is that a word?!) areas disappear. I love the polka dot and super flattering neckline!You can get it directly from the Dollydagger website, it is called the Polka Dot Dolores Pencil Dress. My shoes were bought almost two years ago from Next for a mere £35. They have lasted so well and are extremely comfortable and looking quite well worn now.

My make up is inspired by a look that my favourite make up artist, Lisa Eldridge, created on her website. I decided to go for more of a Vintage Pin Up Girl look than the classic red lipstick as it is a look I often wear, and I fancied a change! You can see Lisa create the look below. I followed the video to apply my make up, something I regularly do to perfect a look as left to my own devices, I will forget to include a certain part! I don't own any of the products that Lisa uses here, however replaced them with similar ones of my own. I used a mixture of two lipsticks to create the darker grape/cherry shade on my lips. These were Rimmel Kate Moss in 107, a darker red shade, with Lancome French Touch in 306 Cherry Kiki. I mixed them simply by applying  a coat of each and blotting in between to really build up the colour. I began with the Lancome as it is the darkest, and did my first coat very thinly like Lisa describes, buffing it into the lip to almost build up a stain that will not shift!

My hair was done much earlier than most of my getting ready process. At about 5pm I curled all my hair using curling tongs, and then pinned them to create pin curls while still hot. I then left them in until the very last minute, so that they cool entirely. This means that the curl stays in much longer and is much glossier than if you just curled in then left the hair down to cool. A little backcombing and I was good to go!

I also fully embraced the pale look, with bare legs and no fake tan! I am very pale at the moment however I think this really finishes the vintage look and gives you a very classic, English rose appeal.

I had best get going now, fingers crossed it will be a good night! Free wine on the tables so I am not complaining!

I hope you have a great weekend,
Lots of love from Brighton,
Hannah xxx