Thursday, 6 December 2012

Day Six! A cheap and chic Christmas present idea!

Hello everyone!

So I have just rushed back from a very fun Lindy Hop lesson and just going to do a quick post for this evening. Tonight we put together all of the steps that we have learnt so far, and it actually felt brilliant and I was pleased that I can do it! Next week we are learning how to add some fun moves into the steps which will be fun and really make us look like we know what we are doing!

I received quite a few parcels in the post today (yay I love parcels!) for Christmas presents that I am planning. To encorporate a bit of my recent thrify ventures, I have decided to make some of these...

My plan is to go to a few local Charity shops and purchase some gorgeous china cups and saucers, and then make candles in them to give a very kitsch and cheap present! I managed to find a candle making set on Ebay, from seller 'randallscandles' who sells a set that makes 4 teacup candles, with your choice of scented and coloured wax for £6!Here the package is before I begin making...

Really great, detailed instructions are also included so on Saturday I plan to get making! I will tweet my end results so keep your eyes peeled @ABrightonBelle_!
To finish off my indulgent present I have decided to include some sweet treats alongside the teacup candles that adds to the pampering that this present can give...
Whilst these may look like delicious treats, perfect alongside a cup of tea, they are in fact soaps to pamper yourself with in the bath.  I got these for 95p each from Ditzy Doll, who have an online store. They are scented with a range of luxurious smells, such as Oat and Honey, Strawberry and Dark Chocolate. I am planning on putting on or two on the side of my teacup candle, so an afternoon tea can turn into a relaxing bathtime...what is better than that in winter, I don't know!
I will keep you all posted on Twitter with my making process on Saturday, which is where this plan could all go wrong and things go slightly pear shaped. Fingers crossed it all goes well!
With lots of love,
Hannah xxx