Monday, 10 December 2012

Day 10!

Good evening everyone!
It is safe to say that I am feeling much better tonight which is a huge relief!
So Christmas is officially here and the perfect accompaniment for the party season is some gorgeous nails to add some festive charm! Nail art is such a huge trend at the moment, and people seem to be unbelievably talented and can fit so many different patterns onto their nails. Whilst I am nowhere near that creative or talented, I do like to jazz up my nails with a retro pattern or a bit of glitter. I am a nail varnish addict, much to my boyfriends disgust! I store them in a tin that I was given a Cath Kidston mug in, however it is slightly overflowing now!
Around this time last year I had acrylic nails applied the the first (and last) time. I was absolutely gutted when I got them removed the discover the condition of my nails underneath, so thin and dehydrated. I have since always decided to simply paint my nails as I don't want to damage my nails.

Around Christmas, I particularly love some sparkle. You can go all over glitter, but one style I think looks particularly gorgeous is one finger on each hand all sparkly, with the others the matte shade. Another alternative can be to give yourself a glittery french tip! I particularly love these two Barry M shades, they are very reasonably priced and give a great colour! I recommend doing a base coat of the matte colour, then applying the glitter over the top to give the maximum coverage!
A more classic look can come from a neutral shade. One of my particular favourites colour is a stone grey. I think it looks very elegant and compliments all skin tones very well. Below are two of my favourites (and check out the bargain I got!). The OPI bargain is from Sally's on Western Road. You can snap up a serious bargain in there as it is generally a wholesaler for the beauty trade. They have a huge OPI range which is one of the more luxurious nail varnish brands. This shade is Suzi Take The Wheel, a very opaque gun metal grey with a very faint green undertone. The shade to the right is a more purple based grey. It is Essie in Chinchilly, which was an impulse purchase from Boots that I got away with! Again it has a very opaque coverage, so you could even get away with one coat if you were rushing!

Another favourite colour comes from Rimmel's 60 Seconds Range, shade 819 Green with Envy. It is perhaps the perfect shade of green! I adore it. An emeraldy-teal green, it has a slightly metallic sheen so looks different in different lights. The brush is slightly different to normal applicators, slighly flatter, which is supposed to make application only take 1 second, however I think this is a slight exaggeration as I would make such a mess if I was to take 1 second! It does make the process very easy though, as the shape of the nail varnish is much easier to form than with a thinner brush.
I also recently posted on Twitter about a nail varnish actually bought for me by my boyfriend! For my birthday he treated me to one of the one off Marilyn Monroe at MAC range, the nail varnish in Flaming Rose. It is actually a very true, classic red, despite looking slightly pink on this photo. I absolutely love this, and want to keep it for years to cherish!
I particularly love to work a classic Dita Von Teese look for a true retro style. She famously styles her nails in a 'half moon' style, which I think looks so demure and classy. You can buy the acrylic ones that she has released, however I prefer to just paint on the style.
I am going to get painting mine now, I have an exciting couple of days coming up!
With lots of love,
Hannah xxx